making the possible impossible {renov # 23}

warning : this is one long post

oh, you guys rock! i'm taking all of your sweet comments in account and now simply must tell you a story. taking a deep breath : did i really say, december, 1 st, on that other business? i did, didn't i?

i have hardly had any time to visit anyone's blog the way i want to, in a rummaging kind of way. i'm admitting, this is not a good thing. not visiting youse makes my inspiration dwindle to ever smaller circles and that is simply not good. after today's débâcle on the renovation front, a rather harrowing experience, of which i will NOT put youse in the picture, my nerve cracked a little, and i needed to do something. 

tinyWOOLF howled, and that's it. she's decided to keep herself on hold. she simply won't perform on december, 1st.

i think it all started with the above. i took the serious comedy happily for granted, both laura linney and philip seymour hoffman in one movie. that is quite simply wow!

♦ ♦ ♦

back to life, back to reality. let's just say a sewer is involved. and let's note that nobody does warn anybody when 'stuff' is going to hit the fan. i mean, my son witnessed the happening, my builder got a call, and now the emergency is subsided till monday. good. solution is at hand.

but things like this (forgive me for not going into further details) do make a girl wonder, when she's trying to relax. what i was scheming and dreaming about is now half way there, that is the good news. desperate times though, call for desperate measures.

♦ ♦ ♦

notice the red and blue highway
tomorrow, gone forever
the kitchen is fully plastered, the downstairs central heating radiators are up, we are clearing out the three rooms, as we speak, because builder man, besides groping in that sewer, will concrete over on monday. which is the best thing! the other thing is yours truely has a load of near future renov jobs ahead.

thus the news is devestating for tinyWOOLF : i won't even be able to enter the house on tuesday night. in last minute tweaking a tiny business; those finis minutes, days and nights are crucial. {shyly, tinyWOOLF is advocating for january, 1st, 2012. and if at all necessary, even later than that! ☻}

on the other hand though, i am SO relieved to look forward to a happy, peaceful month of december instead. a month of renovation activity, of sitting down to a chat at night, of scouring the internet after youse blogosphere creativity, of quietly getting tinyWOOLF back on mindful track and, last but not least, regular blogging. that's what i mean : i need me more time to be with youse all, is all. ♥

all of the above wolfy illustrations
by alena benešová
illustrations by karel franta
♦ ♦ ♦ 

so now. it's back to the savages. i think the trailer just clarified i need to watch it again. true, last time i did distract my mind as i was cutting circles, crocheting a few hearts and gobbling down my supper while watching. i might just go about it in a relax way this time. i hope dear reader, you will be forgiving tinyWOOLF. she will most certainly keep you posted, and she loves you very much.


  1. i love you very much tinywoolf ( althoug our meeting is only recent and distant...) take it easy. take your time. relax. you are given a dream and you are working for it. thats the most important thing : )

  2. I think this delay is agreeing with you! These illustrations really work to convey the story. I remember Savages, need to see it again. Best things are worth waiting for!

  3. Oh my know the saying, Kers♥. S*#t happens.
    I want the detail, dear know how I love the details.
    I hope tinywoolf doesn't go off the road too long.

  4. ofcourse we love tinywoolf and i'm wishing you both a VERY relaxing december, as we say here 'haast en spoed is zelden goed' and it's also exhausting and we all can do without that.

    your kitchen is coming alive!!!


  5. Dear Nadine,
    that room with red and blue highway scared me... how brave you are, woolfy Nadine!
    So, please tell tinywoolf 'feel free!' And 'We are looking forward.'

    I curve to your curve now.


  6. Hello my friend..thankyou for this awesome post..and sharing yoru story...hugs....and beautiful art illustration..woah!.. and LOVE that trailor..oh my..I want to see it too now! Thankyou!

  7. Love you too,
    keep on crocheting those ♥♥♥'s

  8. it's a good decision - start the new year with a brand new project!

  9. oh, poor tinyWoolf. i think she's made the right decision though. (and poor YOU, with sewer disasters!!! once upon a time, we had one of those, the very day i came home from the hospital after a particularly awful surgery. so i feel your pain...)

    i love the way you told and illustrated your story. pure you.

  10. One day I'm coming to have a huge work party....

  11. you are forgiven
    of course you are!

    breath in and out
    2012 sounds great for a new project!


    P.S. today I will go to Amsterdam, olé!

  12. I'm happy like a child listening a story before night...