drawing | (this) lucky bird (has flown)

running out of time
in continuation of last week's corner view theme, i have completely run out of time on all possible fronts. 

paper strip soup
my lucky bird is stuck midway and is not going to fly anytime soon, i am so sorry. it's not like me to run out of time, but all the organizing in the world couldn't deliver.

washing the vintage type
instead of grieving, i'll be in amsterdam. it's the best consolation prize, really. and to keep you posted in that other unceasing department : the kitchen is now (bare but) plastered w·h·i·t·e. glory!


  1. Nadine!
    dan ben ze zoooo dichtbij!
    had ik dat geweten dan hadden we elkaar misschien kunnen treffen, zoals ik en Julia, want dat was super

    veel plezier en ja zwaai maar naar me vanaf de grachten

  2. you ER a lucky bird! you are going to Amsterdam!!!!!
    ( or du you actually live there ? a bit comfused here...)
    anyway you are forgiven ; )

  3. Happy flight lucky bird!!

    Do i hear a'white rabbit' song inthe distance? ;)

  4. Amsterdam?!
    you're a lucky bird... dear Nadine!
    and look at your white plastered kitchen...

    x Ariane.

  5. it's a good consolation prize, Nadine. lucky bird will fly soon. hooray for the kitchen! :)

  6. Enjoy here - you're a real flying bird are you?!...;-)

  7. sweet woolfi, can't wait to walk trough your eyes in amsterdam....xxx julia

  8. I'm happy for both things, the kitchen and Amsterdam!! Maybe you crossed a friend of mine in the street who was there last week and you didn't even know hahaha

    Don't worry about time issues, that's completely normal. In fact, I don't understand how do you find the time to keep us posted about all your great things while you get the time for coffees with friends, work, travelling, vintage shopping, reading... do you have a time machine???hahahaha
    big kisses and love, working on my time machine for your letter

  9. Yay..enjoy your magical adventure..wonderful!!
    Wishing you sparkles and magic always!
    Thankyou for your beautiful posts!

  10. I am so happy that your builders have got their act together Woolfy. How exciting! Lovely, clean, fresh, white walls! About time eh?
    You will be cookin up a storm in your kitchin in no time!

    p.s.are they staying white?

  11. Progress in the kitchen then???? Hope so! xo

  12. Your kitchen sounds dreamy white...I posted a few pictures for you....