vintage finds | the rose and the ring

it is not every day 
you find a vintage
william makepeace thackeray 
in the thriftshop. 
[at least, not i.]
♦ ♦

my little discovery had me hooked on the outer appearance first. quite soon though i found my head buried in the inside fairytale story : arriving one minute late for a train in an alienated little railway station, where trains run one an hour, could have been an harrowing experience, if not for the darling company of prince giglio and bulbo.

of course a hazy autumn sun did help. now, we may be familar with the gist of the famous author of a.o. vanity fair, through literature or the big screen. this little gem THE ROSE AND THE RING delivers just as much clever farce for [appreciatively quoting the editor here]  "... big and small children". the valuable dutch translation catching me unawares, same goes for the beaming illustrations by the hand of wj rozendaal. i always very much like sardonic black and white cartooning to a surprisingly fresh fairytale.

♦ ♦ 

and thus, an historic tragedy, 
right up my street, 
and i take it, you won't hear from me 
till somewhere next week.
[at least, i don't think]
♦ ♦ 

better turn back to my cuttings now. 


  1. Oh, what a found!
    Dear woolfy Nadine, I believe thats a gift from the gods. Maybe the gods are concerned which have moved, Zeus & Co.
    De Roos en de Ring... wonderful! Really a treasure.
    Lots of fun, dear pretty paper (books??) cutting woolf.
    x Ariane.

  2. Finding just that book
    Missing just that train
    sitting in the sun...
    what more do you need to relax, xx

  3. a very interesting thing to find!
    and a very interesting way to find it too ; )
    love the illustrations

  4. your right it was an inspirational cover , I came home with 6 books that did just this for me yesterday!
    Have a wonderful week....

  5. It seems as though everything just fell into place and conspired for you to get your hands on that beautiful book, I love it when things happen that way - it makes things feel all the more magical :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. LOVE your blog and your find! Off to see more of your blog.

  7. How familiar that sounds to me...missing trains and finding comfort in books. I'd been without doing that almost for a year, I mean reading MY books, the ones I wanted to read, and now that I got back there I devour them in the tramway.
    I'm glad you found this beautiful little piece of joy in your vintage thrifting shops (which by the way we do NOT have in Spain, not at all!) and managed to make us smile with those beautiful drawings :)
    By the way, sorry for being this lazy, I haven't found the right time to begin the answer to that GORGEOUS letter you sent me, and I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit more till you get it... I've been ill this last week and now I have a lot of homework to do.
    Big kisses and love!

    p.s.: do you know Tomorrowland? I think it's a music festival in Belgium... can you tell about it me if you know something??

  8. een goede vondst!

    dear Nadine,
    may I invite you for this weeks challenge....

  9. good thing you had that little treasure to keep you company!

    happy creating! (i hope it's not getting too stressful for you...)