corner view ≈ dream

the scheldt / l'escaut in tournai
the river scheldt / l'escaut runs diagonally, from south to north, through our country. the river springs in france and enters belgium, near the walloon city of tournai.

a river and its banks often proofs to be a place to dream away by.

rue de la wallonie - piano bar
i. and me live our own little dream, along the river bank,

restaurant giverny - quai du marché au poisson
as we encounter giverny from the bridge over l'escaut,

restaurant giverny - interior
and decide, on the spot, we will come back here, in almost giverny. 

antwerp - groenplaats
well, since this summer is just not ending, we've made the best of the past few days and dreamed away some more, inside --

oude graanmarkt hen
and out, -- under an adamant blue sky.  

and since the river scheldt ends up being the recurrent stream in our adventures, bell and i hop off at antwerp. 

optician's shop window - lange koepoortstraat
living another little dream, that of carefree wandering, not feeling like we are having a care in the world, actually...  there really is more antwerp for you, so you can build on your own little dream.. ♥
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  1. carefree wandering (in a city!) would indeed be a dream!

  2. oh this dream is WONDERFUL ! i loved dreaming along with you ! especially with the adamant blue sky ! so beautifully expressed !

    here is my 'dream' ...

  3. I love the free spirit and dreaming you picked. xo

  4. Oh! It's my dream to live on a river--always the same, but always changing. Lovely.

  5. Oh, thanks for taking me along your dream flow! A river is what I really miss in Aachen, it's beautiful, but water is the essence of a city if there is some. We have hot springs, but this is absolutely not the same.
    And yes, Antwerpen is wonderful, already been there twice!

  6. You have an amazing Eye for unusual things the HEN.
    I want one for my yard how cute!!!!

  7. LOVE the first river photo, and then the stone hen against that blue blue sky, and the couple by the river, just framed by those trees, with those funny, colorful doorknobs/seats in the foreground. (what ARE those?)

    and how strange is the weather that YOU are having summer and i have my heat turned on?

  8. Beautiful images. I would love to sit at one of those benches, stare out out into the water and day dream.

  9. what dreamy photo's. thanks for taking me a long.

  10. What a lovely journey you brought me on!

  11. I'm dreaming, dear dear Nadine, your stream of delicious pictures... the river Scheldt... Giverny, hach, Antwerpen.
    x Ariane.

  12. what a dream tour ... i would like to make a stop at the restaurant!

  13. It's nice to make a complete tour of your dream :)

  14. I love seeing life throught your eyes and dreaming with you! :>)

  15. such a beautiful collection of pictures! i love the hen. up in the sky : )

  16. Such coherent and beautiful spots, as if they were waiting for you all along...


  17. this is dreamy and magical.
    p.s. hi sweetie!

  18. I love your hen. These are dreamy photos and have inspired a pleasant arm chair trip to your world.

  19. Oh what a dream... water, windows, a peek on the other side, beauty... x