drawing | outer space

this is how it (sometimes) goes when one creates. one makes associations. well, you needn't create to make associations, i'm just saying. then you hear a song surface, erm, from your subconscience. it happens to be 'i will survive', because survive i will. i mean, we will. we all want to, until we don't, but that's a different story. now. as i'm humming the words, i realize gloria g. is actually singing 'bout outer space, which coincidentially, reflects this week's gnarling drawing theme. okay.

♦ ♦ ♦

now to draw something outer spacey, while i'm elbow deep in paper cuttings and the lot.... nothing outer spacey about that, or else everything. nonetheless. i let you be the judge of this sweet little outer spacey gloria g. persiflage, whilest i further draw upon a few gods to help me out.

{above video kindly brought to my attention by maggie. ♥}

being a rather classical kinda gal {where gods are concerned} i'm gonna need me some help too. from outer space. heavens above! but... huh-ho...

how do you feel outer space, via rachel?


  1. hahahaha!
    that video
    too, too great!
    almost rolling off my chair laughing
    and the kids and my love think I am under the shower

    a great contribution of outer space
    and than
    zeus & co....
    you really made my day!
    and today
    I will meet Julia
    a meeting 'outer space'
    sort of

    have a fine day!

  2. zeus & co
    you know i grew up learning so much about him and his co
    that at a point i believed they where there.
    sometimes ; )
    Zeus when we are strong and critical
    Athena the few times we are wise
    Demetra around us in nature
    Hermes when we write comments to eachother
    and so on...
    oh! never forget Pan.
    always there when we are naughty ; )

    thank you for the perfect start to my day !

  3. We will survive, dear Nadine!
    Thank you for the earworm... (what a pity, in Germany it isn't possible to open this video, the GEMA said NO.)
    But, no, AND together with Patrice we have got a good company with little aliens here!
    Sometimes I've been thinking that your words are from outer space... but then I've found your red thread... yes, my name is Aria(d)ne! What a trip to the Greek mythology... thank you, busy bee of paper cuttings (makes me nosy!).


  4. Associations, yes, yes, I know them well. They often spiral to what seems out of control, but then in the end it all makes sense, if you hold on long enough.

  5. did zeus & co leave a forward address? :)

  6. haha, yes, i am able to laugh again without twinges making me stop doing that
    and oh zeus and co, was there anything impossible in their world?
    so why would there be in ours....

    all your cutting makes me very curious!

  7. I can't stop laughing with this video, soooo funny!
    Sometimes I think we all think and act like out of this world :)