drawing | curve

un vrai doodle, this week! i had another plan, but it ended up vertically. i came back to my simonetta, the handbook i am dressing up now and then. funnily enough there's a thought evoking title to the original page : het leven is mooi, or, life is beautiful. which it is. ♥  {and also many other things.}

soon tinyWOOLF will be howling. running up to the opening date (woolf still focuses on december, 1st, does she ever!), i seem to be cutting corners on every corner in my daily life, the bending way. i am looking forward to all of your curving though. ariane, patrice, demie, renilde, rachel, ...

please, may the next challenger speak up. who's got a theme? please tell us, or tell ariane, she's courageously, sweetly so, keeping track. enjoy the weekend, i know i will. and keep those eyes peeled. december, 1st. whoopee!


  1. Your doodles look very Christmassy Woolfy. I'm looking forward to checking out tinyWOOLF when it opens...

    How goes progress in your kitchen?

    Still no price from the builder's at our end, I think they keep finding more zeros to add...


  2. i like your curves ( i really don`t know how right that sounds!!!)
    and i love your Simoneta idea .... very original!
    looking forward to everything you create : )

    enjoy the weekend

  3. Festive curves illustrating 'het leven is mooi', i wish you just that dear Nadine, a beautiful life dotted with festive curves.
    Original as always, making us smile.

    And ofcourse a wonderful life to the intriguing tinywoolf! xx

  4. cutting corners is not a problem. how you cut them, though, can be - and the bending way is totally fine! :)

  5. I'm gazing at all those little faces in the round that you have on your table and it looks like you've been peeking into my backyard, Kers!♥

  6. het leven is mooi!!
    en jij maakt het mooier

    every time you give me a smile on my face


  7. You've so pretty curves,
    dear Nadine!
    Life IS beautiful!
    I LOVE the interaction of typography and your pattern... very much.

    x Ariane.