vintage finds | jackie boy bear

it's been a while, and i've missed the crowd. circumstances required a different approach, until i almost burst. i'm talking visiting thrift shops, baby. i'm talking, finding i'm hooked. i'm also talking, to heal myself and my longing demands, high time to hit the road. jack. 
☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ 

shop window on vlaamsesteenweg, brussels
winter 2010
there. i've done my (un)fair bit of complaining. now, let's get down to business. you're so welcome to hop along. mind. hopping is required.

boggle & co, here scrabble
i still have plans with these
bear with, bear with
these a-ones esp. for quiet paws
she might go ta-dam, ta-dam
run dmc ;)))
so glad to feel this china in my hands
and then some
scenes from urban wallony
{they are modest coffee mugz}
which brings me to jackie boy bear
he sat in a dusty corner
he came really cheap

he needed a wash, a scrub
and now he's cuddly happy again
i thought. about jackie boy bear.
until mr. right hops along?
[this sign being vintage, and real life BIG!]
couldn't take it home.
an awful lot of hopping going on here, no?
i guess, now hopping over to sophie & co.
you lot! i'm off. to yours... hi-de-hi!


  1. ha. love the kitty! wow what great knockers you have :o
    and well... jackie boy looks so soft and cuddly

  2. I am thinking of you here today. It is all overcast and rainy, the fire is on ...and I am watching The Nuns Story with Audrey. So good that I can comment again.
    I am hooked as well...but I have free will, I have a choice, I can choose to walk away. Am I strong enough? Oprah says I it must be the truth:)

  3. would love a house number like that big 28!

  4. oh love the Mugs, Hubby has a few from his home place in London.. I like black and white china, we have them all on top of our white refrigerator
    --stay tuned, I will make a blog about that book, woolfie, just for you♥

  5. Fab photos today, I like the shop window. And I have also been doing things with scrabble tiles, I have made 3 rings which spell 'LOL' on my hand (for those teenage days!)

  6. I like the photos very much, especially the shop window, very pretty.

  7. I love your photos! I also really love anything done with Scrabble pieces. That teddy bear looks very cuddly. Such a handsome bear, that jackie boy bear. :-)

  8. i have a collection of teddy bears from my childhood (a favorite toy.) i think emily photographed one for her "annie and bear story" series... but my favorite is a little 3-inch high steiff teddy bear with jointed arms and legs...

  9. You are so sweet you rescued that dirty little bear....I love those deer knockers they could have gone on either side of mr. deer!

  10. And he looks like he was very glad to be rescued and find a nice cozy home with you!!

  11. The deer are adsolutely adorable! I'm liking those mugs as well. Thrifting is a disease, as an antique dealer, stating the obvious, told me last week. I'm sick :-)

  12. I love the way you write, and your images :)

  13. the teddy looks well loved and friendly : )

  14. Oh just look at all those delightful things you've uncovered and discovered.
    As for those beautiful deer ... OH MY. Yes, they are just the thing to have my heart beat a little faster ... they are completely wonderful!! :)

    Your writing always sweeps me up on a fantastical adventure ... a delight, as always. xx

  15. I see Love is still in the air...
    And there is no "Jackie boy bear until mr. right shows up". They will have to be pals. Otherwise mr right won't be so... right.
    Enjoy the day!

  16. You always find the BEST old sewing stuff and those stag hooks are fantastic too, I bet your house looks so gorgeous!!! Its the best feeling going on an op shop road trip when its been a while!