chicken pie

once upon a time 
there was a sunday that desperately needed 
to get dressed. 

impatient for that moment, 
the sunday 
hung low in the sky, 

the overcast 
washed out 
the watery sun, 

in places, 
a recent summer storm 
had beaten branches to it. 

the speeding sunday 
needed reinforcement. 
it decided on 
first dessert 
(that would be tarte au maton),

by chicken 

you could say, 
it was kind of an upside down day. 
i wouldn't contradict you, 
if you did say.


  1. i love your sunday story, so much. and the illustrative photos. and the fact that you ate your dessert first. bravo!

  2. me too, i eat my dessert first (especially on sundays) and tarte au maton is definitely one of my favorite pastries but i never tried baking it myself,i will try it on a later,colder autumnday :) xx

  3. I'ld like to be dressed like your Sunday ;)

  4. up or down, i like the look of your day!

    and as to the day before......rucola and mustard seed on toast hmmmmm...i'll have to try that!

  5. looks like a fine sunday
    and that dessert

  6. You are an enjoyer at heart. And I love that!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks, thank you a hundred times for sharing this joy of life, these tiny escapes, this little moments that could be in anyone's imaginarium but that you materialize.

  7. Is this a photo of your house with that much dessert, Kers?♥