today's toast

do you like toast? i can't live without it. a toasty crunch is mandatory on a daily basis in our house. i even toast my polenta! i like it better that way. on it a paste of rucola and white mustard seeds.


  1. Good morning, dear Nadine,


  2. hoi!

    na weken van blog-stilte
    eerst door vakantie
    toen de verhuizing van
    maar een nieuw blog gestart
    zie je daar!

    fijn weekend!!

  3. You northerns make toasts. We valencians suquem.
    Sucar is a verb and it consists of eating with bread everything left on the plate. Specially olive oil from the salads... :) We make a very good sauce with natural tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, and it's a must for a dinner in the street or with the family. And also we cook esgarraet (ripped red pepper, salt cod, garlic and olive oil) and allioli (garlic and oil).
    All those are GREAT with bread.

    Looks like you've done a great work in the blogosphere, haven't you?
    Another blog... will you tell me about it?

    And yes, I enjoyed working this summer. I worked in a beautiful neighbourhood in the center of Valencia with my father, I was cleaning graffittis from the skirting board of a monastery and then I had to paint the stone to make it look as a new one. It was VERY hot in the street but I liked it, it felt a bit creative.

    Big kisses, I have to answer your letter, but right now university is eating me like a monster and I'm scared, so I'll tell you of it a bit later and I'll enclose some drawings or pictures okay? :)
    P.S.: I'm learning how to use a reflex camera!!!!

  4. i DO like toast! especially toasted homemade egg bread, spread with plenty of butter and sometimes cinnamon and brown sugar.

  5. I'm a pumpernickel kinda girl myself, but I do like the LOOK of toast ;-)


  6. looks very nice ... but I don't eat toast that often.

  7. Toast is nearly the BEST FOOD, EVER!! I love toasted rye bread with a thin wash of mayonnaise, slices of fresh tomato and cracked black pepper...or sourdough with a smearing of triple creme Brie!
    ...and then there's challah bread French toast, made with Maple-Jack
    Liqueur, eggs and milk, and served with (real, of course) maple syrup!
    Now you've made me feel hungry!! XXO-

  8. I love toast, but I loved toasted leftover polenta slices more! :)