christmas in september, and the shop open!

a tiny story through the key hole

this time it is the postman who's moaning ♪♫ ho-ho-ho ♫ through the letterbox! what has bell (latter part of woolfenbell) all been up to?

i did mention before bell is opening up a real time shop, right?

full of surprises she is, 

she only made these {postcards} too! how soon is now? this soon! 

opening night, here's a little recap.

made-to-measure barbie cake!
{bell in the background}
good vibes in an old street in a suburban town of brussels. 

three business partners join forces. vanclever is born. 

and wishing a good flight to the creative minds!☻

{no, not me yet. my performance comes with father x-mas. ahem.}


  1. How exciting! The shop looks lovely - good luck!

  2. long life to THE shop! Et bonne semaine!

  3. Joechei! It all looks smashing. Hope it'll be a hit!


  4. Congratulations and good luck, ziet er geweldig uit, x

  5. Wow! I want to go there!! Congratulation!

    :) E.

  6. bell i love the cake ! mmmm :)

  7. How exciting to start an looks amazing! Wishing her much success!

  8. ooooo, i would LOVE to steal away and visit this lovely little nook! and those postcards are marvelous! as for the barbie cake - shades of little girl birthday parties in the 50's! (yes, i AM old enough to have been one of those little girls ;)

    congraulations to bell and her partners, and may their shop overflow with good will and eager customers!

  9. wow .... congratulations and good luck with the shop :)

  10. first of all, i want the cake and the carpet, but i want to see the shop too! congratulations, can't wait to see your stuff in there! ♥♥♥ julia

  11. leuk, leuk!

  12. looks lovely! i could spend a few happy sessions there! congratulations to bell!

  13. ooh, stories through keyholes are the best kind!

    congratulations to bell! can't wait for your shop :)

  14. How do you northern europeans make it always this beautiful?
    That's peaceful, harmonious order. We do not have that in Spain.
    Here we are walking disasters. Maybe it's the weather :)
    Your creative ideas for bussiness, interior decoration and window dressing. You are bussiness stylists! I've always been jealous of that.
    Congratulations, looks like bell could manage to get a wonderful space.
    Big kisses