seasons & time

ill. season autumn, by rebecca stadtlander
i am not writing a political blog. but now and again the politics of modern day living creep up on me. worries, sorrow, joy, abundance interlace, in a way life fluctuates anyway. also, now and again, attention is called to topics that make one wonder about the value of our everyday living. it makes me wonder.

ill. season winter, by rebecca stadtlander
a few recent remarks on the fact the country i am living in has no government, {and we're still alive} makes me stop in my tracks. in a time of change, in which politicians are nothing but economy's messengers, people today seem (head)strong(er) than politics. in this light, what do today's politics stand for? 

ill. season spring, by rebecca stadtlander
in the seventies, when as a child, i got all excited over sunday afternoon political party street campaigns, parades in which sweets and other small stationery thrills were thrown at the spectator's feet, life and politics seemed to easily track. there were catholics, there were socialists, and there were liberals. things were cut and dry.

ill. season summer, by rebecca stadtlander
today i believe there's some twenty seven political crumbs, to this country alone, that either can't or won't agree on anything. their aim seems to be to divide and rule, but not even this they attain. they argue. they look after their own breed. they stagnate. meanwhile, the world runs. countries are run. people run. us, individuals run. or, we don't. we stop running. we reflect. and wonder.

{incidentally i stumble upon manuel castells' morning run in barcelona. ever since 9/11 spanish sociologist castell has entered my heart and brains with his think tank on social behaviour & personal identity, network theory & changing society.}

i realise i live in a country in which i can speak my mind freely, definitely a treasure. i appreciate this. and i don't think i will post anything in this style for a long time again (else i will start a political blog). but in these times of incredible change, i find our vows of values not half bedazzling. offering food for thought and consideration of today's society, in which our children grow up and will define ever changing global contours, i wonder also. is time perhaps pressing and otherwise excruciatingly ready for popular and firm(er) revolution? 


  1. I have the same questions for this country and for politic... In the same time, I'm not really waiting for a revolution, just for few intelligent and sensitive men and women, able to thing for future and not for tomorrow.
    I can't reaaly talk about that in English. I miss words for it, but I'ld like to read a political blog made by you ;)

  2. i think it's very interesting that you chose to illustrate your thoughts with those beautiful nature scenes. (is it a book?) the seasons continue, the world spins on its axis, all while silly men and women argue so they can get or maintain a position of power. as you well know, i don't write about political things, or have a political blog. but i can relate to your frustration with modern politics, where the politicians (at least in my country) seem to have forgotten that they represent the people who elected them, and where money speaks louder than morality, and where power is god. and that is my rant for this morning!

  3. I get so confused in politics that I don't watch the news...but I do vote!
    I love how you explained your thoughts and the illustration were beautiful Momma...your a smart cookie!

  4. Interesting! Tell me when you start your political blog, I'll follow it :) There is no politics (ok, almost no politics) in my blog either. But I'm very much into politics ... or into the politics of politics, if that makes sense.

  5. Hmm, seems you are speaking about a similar situation in USA...political crumbs that can't agree...the cake is crumbling. Politics is a game and the players are born into that game...they can't escape and no one else can play. They are all related any way...I checked on of them...theres' no escape.
    Ok that's my rant for the day, Kers♥♥♥

  6. If I were to blog about politics in Italy, I would have to post far too frequently, and it would all be very upsetting stuff. Still, I'm not sure I'd wish for a revolution, and I hope we won't all just implode, as it is more and more clear that drastic changes are needed urgently.
    Lovely illustrations, I'm going to google the author. Happy weekend Nadine!

  7. I completely agree Nadine, and many of us have these concerns nowadays and wonder where it is all going, but as long as everything seems to run smoothly there are no real loud complaints.

    we live in a time of changes indeed.
    i run but i often stop and wonder...xx

    beautiful illustrations!

  8. politics interests me but it certainly is upsetting these days. I like your description of politicians as economy's messenger, but I really don't hope for revolution though.