drawing | bike

off to higher grounds or on our bikes... let's go for a sunny cyclic stride alongside the river. 's been a while, but today might just be the day. no olympics though. resting if need be. rachel is cycling in the shadow of the king of bikes (seems to me, both husband ànd vehicle ☻), and we obviously follow.... 


  1. the weather is just great
    for cycling alongside the river
    the water looks nice
    and I like your green bike!!

    great drawing
    I love the oldish colors
    and that jumping girl
    even if you are not a sporting girl
    cycling is away of relaxing
    don't you think?!
    especially today

    P.S. the goose
    hm, I am a overprotecting mum
    that is why it is a self-portrait
    did you see the pearls?

  2. Dear Nadine, you busy bee!
    And inspiration has come to you... over night - great!
    What a fantastic drawing... its wonderful to find many details which make together a whole picture as your points do... a colourful picture.
    I love the letters and numbers... pretty font.
    And if I where a cow I 'd like to eat that fresh gras...


  3. did you really go for a ride after not riding for a long time?

    yes, i love the green bike, and also the repeat perspective of all your rides and views over your handle bars (ariane, patrice, rachel...)
    I want new pistachio handlebars to hold onto...
    and your picture (done so fast) looks like an old programme for the circus.
    I love the wheel motif - it needs to be printed on a t-shirt


  4. nadine!!

    may I invite you for BREAKFAST at my place?

  5. Fantastic biking weather the past few days, i agree with Jasmin, it would make a great t-shirt design, more of your drawings do, bravo gal!! xx

  6. Dear Nadine,

    Love your work..

    I'm back...:-)so, your invited to stop by...:-)

  7. lovely, Nadine. I wish that I could go bicycling here (or that I were fit enough to cycle uphill!).