drawing | 9/11

belgian artist jean-michel folon's work i could never appreciate to its full impact. colours too soft, meaning incomprehensible (to me), subjects too dreamy or either too pronounced. in short, just not my cup of tea. 

therefore i am appalled that, upon closing my eyes and trying to imagine anything about 9/11, i see spirits flying through the air, human birds raising against a darkened sky. i witness this, in folon style. thus i feel i should give credit to the man, for popping generously to mind, and offering me a vision, which for a non religious girl like myself, is nothing short of a premiere

all while remembering 9/11, and not just 9/11. all while remembering people dying too fast, too soon; for being in the wrong place at the worst of times; for being human. 

jasmin is holding us together this weekend. ♥


  1. interesting thoughts, Kers. Interesting yet kinda sad drawing. I like the pointilism.

  2. this is beautiful. tomorrow i will go and celebrate love with the neighbors, its their 40th wedding anniv. party. greatest power of all, love. xoxo

  3. incredible drawing!!
    thanks for your sweet words!!

  4. There is comfort and hope in your delicate and touching drawing.
    I remember visiting a Folon exhibition many years ago,i recall his work had a restful effect on me at that time. xx

  5. Loved being able to make the page big and see the details. Beautiful.

  6. Dear Nadine,
    'just not my cup of tea'... one of the secrets of living together! Live and let live... big-hearted.

    Wonderful, your light drawing. Its full of respectableness and heart, softness... very touching.

    Love, Ariane.

    P.S. I've been together with my kids to the movies today... New York City with the Smurfs.

  7. dear Nadine,
    nicely put
    all while remembering, not just
    I like the pointillism
    it makes it soft
    suits the spirit
    I think it is a hopeful drawing

    x Patrice
    and no
    no weblog yet

  8. This post made me weepy. You captured what I had imagine the night of that day.

  9. Just beautiful Nadine.

    Thanks for joining in on this one.
    A hard theme.
    But one to make us all think.

    oh and it is your header too.

  10. very nice words on this anniversary day, nadine.

  11. Beautiful. And I thought I saw a tsunami in the fire. Or maybe it was my interpretation since I've had these two disasters in my head this weekend, as I've tried to find inspiration for a straight through tragical (and important) subject.