drawing | ship

in the eighties of the last century alternative music in belgium thrived. one of many succesful musical artists was luc van acker. besides a musician he produced other upcoming bands. his life and further musical escapades remain pretty obscure, which i prefer to shameless touting.
in the blessed year of 1984 luc van acker created zanna, a ship he sailed with anna domino. the video still is just that : it brings the music. by the looks of it, i have no idea where my ship will end up. i am only too surprised it finds itself atop a huge wave. 
{to be truthful, lyrics on drawing by luc van acker}
as elisabeth steers her ever astonishing course, she's linking our dinghy's up this weekend... 


  1. nadine!!!!

    I love it!!
    the nautical colors
    your ship high on a wave
    you are going great girl!
    that beautiful, beautiful moon
    the words
    it would make a great poster!
    and I would buy it

    x Patrice

  2. Dear Nadine,
    I would buy it too!
    Its true and youre in a good wave, sailor! Love the music that I didn't heard before... in the 80th called 'new wave'!
    Fantastic post!


  3. This is so good, keep looking at it, bravo!!
    I loved that song, will keep hearing it probably all day, xx

  4. Nadine,that's a beautiful drawing you've made..love also the text you put in!!
    And Luc van Acker was my favorite..thnx for bringing it back!! I'm listening now..and very very loud :)

    xxx Ingrid

  5. interesting music....everyones a sleep in the house and my volume was on high will have to stop back and listen in later...are you going to frame this its incredible Momma!

  6. Well, I knew it. I knew I'd love your ship. And the fun thing is that your picture has a resemblance to the textile project I'm working on right now. Embroidering tsunami waves. And of course: a ship on top. I'll show you as soon as I've finished.


  7. merci voor beide schepen, kippe(n)vel op beide armen