andenne {ceramics} offensive

le fête flamande - the flemish feast
the days between december 25th and december 31st always come pretty serene, a moratorium-of-sorts to seasonal madness. {because one does get soaked in occasionally}. so, enamoured by a contented car engine hum, we drove our way to the belgian pre-ardennes, unaware of the historic importance of our intentions.

biscuit porcelain
our debriefing by the museum conservator offered us an hilarious introduction video
(informative but dated, both on the reader's and the technological side).

art deco ceramic tiling detail
we climbed two flights of impressive vintage stairs to break into a treasure's throve of art deco finery.

detail on vase
detail on vase
[making some pictures on the sly, i am a
little weary showing these.]

while precautiously concealing most images for courtesy reasons, i simply cannot deprive you of the sight of a small terracotta sculpture by adolphe wansart {1873-1954}. the unnerving simplicity of his couple d'amoureux mystified me. if i was to express love, i'd be tacitly tempted to offer you this.

{the art deco exhibition is on until january, 8th. it is so worth a detour into the valley of andenne, which will be officiated in 2014 * to do with the great war}  



  1. Some clay, fire and an artist's soul and hands and than you get this, always amazing.
    Beautiful small terra cotta, xx

  2. Lovely, serene pieces to compliment the ending of another year. I like to extend my Christmas until the 5th....sweets, friends, tree....all stretched <3

  3. I love art deco!!!
    this is in antewerpen?

  4. what an amazing exhibit.....and the 2 in favorite!

  5. wow. the sculpture is breathtaking and full of emotion! and the tiles...oh those tiles!

  6. Somehow going to museums is always so fun during the wintertime! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. And that statue is very sweet...

  7. love the simple lines of the terra cotta sculpture, and the serenity of the face... i, too, think it is an apt expression of love...