down the unknown path

♦ alert ♦
high alice content to this post

this morning i dared to walk the distance instead of jumping on a local train. the sun out, my heart hot with anticipation. 

already the office mornings this week held promise to a fair friday. it was not just the brussels town hall tower that glamourously lit up in the morning east blaze, 

the mont des arts did, just yesterday and 

just so glimmered the brazil europalia building (although i do tend to opt for the china temple of some years back).

today though, i found my way to a local wood supplier, and in between that job and the much-longed-for thrifting i thought i might just stray a little. 

walking, i polaroided my way through an unknown path, 

which felt like a sweet pit, or hole, if you like; meeting a succulent partridge, who fearlessly warned : no photo, no plate promise (my father was the chance killer in the house, so to speak). 

i wonder if a squirrel, perhaps, could be served, at any time....? unforgiving, i agree. ☻ but no further jokes. 

this is, quite simply, how one woman makes her way, from one place to another. any given day, the alice way. 

♦ have yourselves a rocking weekend ♦ 

i will most definitely be back
with some thrift shop goodness by sunday

♥ try and stop me ♥


  1. i always love your adventure walks. and isn't the sun on that tower grand?

  2. You and Alice had a lovely walk, her way!!

  3. simply lovely
    i just watched and enjoyed your marvellous Amsterdam photos,
    always there, a surprise factor, i love it, x

  4. an alice walk is a wonderful walk...

  5. I'd gladly polaroid my way as your companion, my dear...


  6. My way would probably have been to take those roof tiles (they are tiles, are they not?). Happy thrifting!