end of year reminiscence, pt I

[son's room then]
i did push most of the stuff

in adjacent attic room
so i had space
that, and a mattress
an itch. it's been a year exactly since i moved in, in our new, old house. son residing at dad's, two doors down, i slept in one of the two attic rooms that seemed livable and sleepable. the chaos in all other rooms felt quite confusing. but i hid, and i hid well, watching the tudors season 4 on my notebook, whilest munching away on toasted ciabatta with melting salty butter, three year old cheddar cheese and the odd glass of burgundy red wine. those were, erm, one way or another, the days. ...

[my room now]
still. so glad to be one year later ... ☻ see, i've been at it again, stripping of paper off walls. downstairs now, we're slowly and definitely rounding up. plenty of wallpaper musings ran through my head, which explains a reminiscence of sorts. more to come this week, no doubt. first things first though: front room decorations (about time) and preparing a reception of 12. no worries. just the starters... hoping fervently you are having a jolly good time. ♥


  1. I love your sunny white room Woolfy, what a vast improvement! I think it would be quite nice indeed to lie in bed at night and watch the stars.
    Looking forward to some more reminiscence to come x

  2. i bet it is nice for yourself to see those two pictures....the year how you have been sleeping and how this [ lovely!!!] room is know...

    now you can watch the stars...what else do you want more? ;-))

  3. I like the clear and simple mood - and the light is great.

  4. High up there between clouds and stars, you're bed make me think of a cloud to dream on, an oasis.

    Have fun with decorations and starters xx

  5. wow woolfi, what a wonderful place to dream in... i'm a looser baby, but the promised thing is coming soon! love & hugs, julia

  6. dear Woolf,

    you too have a wonderful and sparkling time!!
    so glad me 'met'

    wishing you bright days
    and we too have plans to go sleep in the attic
    your place looks so fine

    love and a big hug

  7. wishing you a very happy Christmas, friend, and a bright new year.

  8. Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year Woolfie!
    xo milady

  9. Nadine, there is something so re-assuring to arrive here after a medium length absence and to find that you are still stripping off wallpaper.
    Cheers to your wallpaper musings, it could be a book of poetry, one I'd like to write some of the poems in,
    love to you and wishing you a Merry Christmas there in your magical
    reminiscical world!!
    ♡  ♡  ♡


    (did you get it, i was making heart patterned wallpaper:))xo

  10. Wow! I do love your room and the greeting of the day with that skylight!