today's toast

today is happy friday. today there is time to enjoy breakfast, cheerfully clean a few messes up, tear the wall paper steam machine from its cave, walk errands instead of running them, go thrifting, get back to tinyWOOLF a little, day dream, anticipate christmas preparations, dress up a plain pancake into a worldly wrap.

take out pancakewrap
with greens and salmon
[to be eaten in the park, i think]
it is officially december, 
and we are loving it. 
are you getting in 
a spirit of a kind? 


  1. well... i have to! my daughter insisted its time to decorate the house with some Christmas decoration... i let her put things here and there. she is having a blast!!!

  2. Cheers to Friday, breakfast, thrifting, delicious looking pancakes, tinyWOOLF and you Nadine!

  3. this sounds so good!
    i'm getting into it, the spirit, decoration on its way :) xx

  4. Its on its way. too. More decoration will be added, dear Nadine.
    I wanna test to make some stars from paper for cakes. Or ein wanna starch some of my white small crochet tablecloth and hang it at the windows... Fir cones on the windowsills (I'd love to have those windowsills as in 'Bright Star'!).
    Its more winter-deco as for Christmas. But angels has arrived already, its wonderful.

    Your wraps looks delicious! Good idea, salmon on pancakes! Yum.

    xo Ariane.

  5. and a very happy friday to you! so glad you have some time, again, to enjoy these little things that get the creative juices flowing. perhaps you are enjoying those lovely wraps, even as i write this?

  6. p.s. love the white tulip in the header :)

  7. What a wonderful day!!!!!! You took full advantage of it! Happy Friday, indeed xo