corner view ≈ seasonal

first the weeks, then the days running up to seasonal festivities; those are the moments i cherish most of christmas and the new year.

the humming buzz, the rush {i am careful not take part in}, the occasional snow drop, carol music in the street, ice skating somewhere uptown or imaginary, the smell of booze.

you get the general idea, don't you? {and i know! totally ran out of another 'y' in holidays. oh well.} ♥ this week's theme seasonal on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca.


  1. Happy Holidays xoxo!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what a lovely great way to wish seasonal happiness! for you also loads of happy creativity times in 2012!!


  3. Hohoho, dear Nadeschda,
    its really fantastic what you are performing magic before our very eyes!
    Seasonal greetings to you, honey!

  4. Wow,that heart made out of letters, letters trying to be words, words describing this time of year,yes words like music and ice scating, warm house and candlelight, scent of pine, grandson's eyes.... your beautiful post made me think and feel many words.

    wishing you joyful and happy holidays sweetie, xx

  5. Wishing you a very merry Christmas :)

  6. We love all the same things and then the mot cherished for me the end Jesus's birth....Have a hustle and bustle Christmas right up to the end Nadine.......Merry Christmas!

  7. Great post! I'm looking forward to you little shop, next year! Joyeuses fêtes!

  8. Scrabble?? I used to play scrabble in frenchspanish this summer in Toulouse, everyday before going to bed and after a GORGEOUS dinner cooked by our lovely hostess -she had the touch, I swear!-.

    Do you like Christmas? Because I think you do. You sent me warmth and made me see myself sitting in front of a fireplace. Or better, playing piano next to a fireplace. I'm now listening to Beethoven's Pathétique piano sonata...and you know, it's addictive haha

    By the way, your letter is finished! At last!

    Big kisses, now wait for the packager inside me to make something up that is deserving of your love and affection. Aha! Complicated ;)

  9. Love your seasonal thoughts. Here's a little gift for you: Y Y Y Y Y Y Y (Thought you might need it.)

  10. Fun post!

    I wish you a very happy holiday season!

  11. Ha, very good scrabbled work! Let's see if I can make it, too:

    Harems cry trims nada away hyper pen!

    Did you get what I want you to say? No?? Well, of course it was:

    Merry christmas and a happy new year!

    Haha, love anagramming!
    Best wishes from right across the border

  12. I love making things with words and letters. Very nice.
    Have a wonderful holiday, Nadine.

  13. Have fun, have a rest, and we'll meet again in 2012.

    I wish you Happy Holidays, Nadine!


  14. Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

  15. Ah yes, those 'y's can be tricky little beasts in more ways than one ... at least you had a back-up. This is loveliness to view indeed ... have a wonderfully happy holiday season my dear! :)