corner view ≈ lonely together

walking home, wondering what exactly i would throw in the skillet to brave an evening to a day filled with rain, wind and cold, i was also musing upon lonely ≈ together, whilest getting hungrier by the pace.

consider the humble pea, and how peas roll about like it's nobody's business. a pea sometimes feels very lonely. if so, it needs company of a handful of other peas. 

that shouldn't be too hard. but now. what happens if a carrot pops in for company?

kristin chose lonely together, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca.


  1. the peas must get terrified in the view of the carrot... like everything that appears suddenly as an intruder to our ttranquillity... untill they realise that mayde the carrot is lonelier that them, and they try, maybe some of them, maybe only one of them, to look at things from the carrots view corner...

    good mornig from an early bird ; )

  2. funny - a pea, which is alone and wants to be lonely no longer. I like it very much. :)

  3. I love your cookie Woolfenbell Woolfy.

    Peas come in a pod, it makes perfect sense they're not so happy on their own.

    I'll send you a note re builders soonest x

  4. Wonderful post..I love peas...they are magical..beautiful !You made me smile!

  5. Oh, this is so cute! I'll sea peas and carrots with different eyes now. Hope I can still eat them... ;o)

  6. i do have a feeling you make yourself laugh as much as you do us!

    best of luck in your veggie matchmaking!

  7. well color like they are at the photo's pretty much the same and the carrot is very brave to be with those is the carrot so lonely? or maybe this one pea who was alone first feels lonely because he sees how brave the carrot is!!

    hahahahaa....wel I'm having a good laugh here!! thanks, xxx

  8. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

  9. Hahahahah you're very original Nadine!!
    Lonely together... I think that's sometthing applicable to us. We enjoy the first word and consider ourselves as lonely people, but we like sharing our thoughts about it. And then we're together. I like that.

    Big kisses from the 8am class, looking forward to a beautiful day :)

  10. that carrot must feel lonely :D

  11. I never look at peas in the same way! :)

  12. could you would you ever try a soy bean? there my latest can't get enough of....they don't roll like a pea though....

  13. what charming photographs! Somehow I feel like a delightful children's story is about to unfold here...the story of the carrot and the peas :)

  14. I love and understand this completely!

  15. The peas are shocked at first.

    This carrot is orange and elongated and strangely out of place.

    But then it dawns on them - he is just one, and they are many.

    They quickly roll on over to his side, and start chattering with him all at once.

    He tells them his favorite recipes, and it turns out they are included in some of them!

    They become best friends on the spot.

    Then woolfie comes and that's the end.

    (They don't live happily ever after.)


  16. Your corner views are always so gorgeous! And so original. That carrot does look like a bit of an imposter . . . but he's not, of course, 'cos peas and carrots go SO well together!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my earthquake post :-)
    Take care . . . and if I don't meet you in cyberspace before the 25th - Merry Christmas!
    Karyn xx

  17. Great post idea! I love peas, but my family is divided on them. Though as a child, I wasn't too keen on them either.