drawing | hat {trick}

a walk amongst books, thrifting up and down aisles, who wouldn't? once a year we do, and we do it good and proper. waiting at the till a little less daunting than usual, as the cashier recognizes our local accent and joins in our jolly chin-wag. i'd taken off my hat as we were leaving, but i didn't have one on. 

my next door neighbour is a hats freak, besides a few more malfortunes. when he's walking to the station in the mornings, he does this under a cowboy hat, stomping next to a wife who methodically wanders dressed-down. his hat doesn't impress me, since that man, he has no horse! and when the couple goes out driving in their car, it's the wife that does the wheeling. a cowboy with no licence makes me chuckle. this we can not say of mister johnny cash. 

too true. i only just now saw walk the line, and the film baffled me. all the while as i was hearing these well known melodies, i kept on shrugging, didn't know that belonged to johnny! as a matter of fact i did not know anything about the man, for the simple reason he was alive and kicking his fierce life when i was just a toddler and i heard his songs on the global radio. mister johnny cash wore no real hat, but i saw it dangling nonetheless, all through the crazy beautiful movie. hell, he got me drawing one! [include this movie on your holidays-to-{re}watch-list!]. greta collects hats for the weekend. hee-haw! off to find me another one.


  1. HEE-HAW!

    great story
    great movie
    great drawing!
    yes let's do that
    kick 2011 on it's behind
    and héllo 2012!!

    have a fine Sunday dear Woolfie

  2. I take my hat off to you and your wanderings Woolfy. Sorry, couldn't resist.

  3. A hat filled with enthusiasm and zest for life, yeehee let's put it on.
    'walk the line', i have that film here somewhere between my modest collection, good tip, thanks, xx

  4. Dear Nadeschda,
    I bow my thanks to 2011 - and to you, honey Woolf!
    I've learned a lot... and quite a few new english vocable!
    Like a detective a have to puzzle your pics and words together. The closer I come to the whole picture the more satisfied I am.
    I've never seen 'Walk the Line'... since yet. You make my mouth watering with your fantastic hat-story and -drawing.
    Thank you, again.

    Now I am working on an end-of-the-year review... its my (drawing) challenge!
    And then: I'll welcome 2012!


  5. I watched that film long ago and I remember that it captured me too. It made me think a lot of how sad things can be even if you have plenty of chances to be happy. It's one of these movies that gets into me, and lets me thinking and a bit depressed for a while.

    There is a school for people with psychiatric diseases near my house. Old people and young, but all kind of diseases, and they live in their own flats around and are completely independent.
    There is one misterious man, he walks alone, very slowly, by the streets of my town. He seems to watch everything attentively. He's always smoking Havana cigars and expels the smoke slooowly.
    And he always wears a different hat. He has cowboy hats (a bunch of them), gentlemen hats, long-brim or short-brim, decorated and plain.
    And he always looks at me with a serious face, slowly moving his neck and watching.
    Your story of that man made me remind him.

    Big kisses Nadine, I'm very sorry because of my turtle-speed writing for the letter, I can't find the time, but I'm always thinking of writing. I miss it. Sorry, I'll try to catch up.

  6. Love my johnny , was that not a great movie!!!!
    I love your neighbor and his silly wife story love your words Momma!

  7. that highway photo looks SO inviting...

  8. Love your weaving of small tales and love your inspired Johnny hat drawing too! p.s. I never have been into Johnny Cash myself since hee haw music is not my thing :) Keep drawing!

  9. I don't know johnny cash, but a cowboy without a license makes me chuckle too.

  10. Oh I have missed reading your delightful words ... 'a walk amongst books, thrifting up and down aisles' ... I'd definitely do that!! :)

    Your hat reflections are charming and funny ... and I'm so glad you have discovered the wonders of Mr Cash (I love his work) ...


  11. Love this post! The whole hat/cowboy thing...to a Texan, I know what you mean, teehee!

  12. I love johnny cash - his music is great, and I love the film of Johnny.

    Happy xmas, dear wolf!

  13. i'm a big fan of Johnny and that red hat!

    Here's to kickin 2011 up the behind! Hahahaha! You crack me up. :)