lewisnluke encore

i love it. i've had some of you fooled, haven't i? i hadn't even expected this. i thought you'd gotten used to my sense of humour by now. but i'll say it once and then no more : i work at the (serious) union, and if ever these guys come dancing in our (serious) office, i won't be sitting still behind no (serious) posh desk! and i agree, the film quality of these scenes is awesome. ☻ having said that, we do have a similar parking lot underneath our offices, we do.

if you like, you can watch all advent (!) countdown songs by simply double clicking those guys.


  1. The parking lot underneath your offices are more serious, aren't they?
    Dear Nadine,
    has made me leery that there are much more videos of 'your workmates'... Thank you for the solving.
    Those guys are fun! I'll show them my workmates, maybe then they will dance in front of my desk!

    And now, please tell me distinctly, which 'union'... the 'Eurorean'??

    X Ariane.

  2. Fabulous! I love these guys. How gorgeous that some people thought they were really dancing in YOUR office! You should be so lucky! I would probably have been taken in too - but I tuned in too late. Thanks for sharing these two groovy-movers. I might just post them on my Facebook page. I've got some friends who would love them. Hope you're having a great week.
    Karyn xx

  3. hahahaha! i already found their advent calendar yesterday (in the process of trying to solve the mystery of woolf and the dancing office workers ;)

    i did think that was an awfully posh desk!

    these guys are great. they make me laugh and amaze me at the same time :)

  4. Oh, how I LOVE this video!! I am crying happy tears of laughter, watching these two!
    The tall one can really dance, but I am truly most entranced by the way the shorter one, by dint of pure chutzpah and bluffing, keeps pace with his friend! Thanks so much for sharing this and may you and yours have the most wonderful Holiday Season ever!!! XXO-