drawing | rush

image shown for size
glaring at a silver swan
perhaps no bigger than my thumb,
renders one humbly silent,
and still. 

image from a grimm brothers
fairy tales collection
ariane built up her rush week beautifully. it is a theme which traveled with me up and down criss-cross, which kept me focused, all while a rush came over me last nite, as i had somewhat forsaken my plight. nothing like a trustworthy poirot to remind me of life's values : solve a murder or two, and get on with drawing and stippling, unperturbed. 

did your week fly by? the swan i found in the thrift shop was so tiny and charming, i put her in my shopping basket, to consecutively forget about her existence at the till. the cashier fished it out of the basket's depth and queried, '.... this swan yours?' ☻


  1. my weeks seems to be flying, but if i'm in a rush?
    no, it flies of doing nice things and not thinking of the time...
    have a lovely sunday

  2. being in a rush for some days now `cause of my sons birthday, yes the week is gone in a snap.... but i love you swan and i found time to take some blue photos ; )

  3. dear nadine, the silver swan is a wonderful symbol for NO rush!
    and funny, i used some silver too! love+hugs, julia

  4. a silver swan on a lake.... no better image to bring some calmness into the rushing world,
    maybe their schould be 'rush forbidden zones' as in your drawing or at least one should create them in one's house
    i will think of turtles in a row next time i'm in rush danger :)
    lovely xx

  5. what a great drawing!
    yes I am in a rush
    a big one
    love to stand still
    looking at turtles in a row
    but not yet
    not today
    but I will keep it in mind!
    and that swan.... lovely!


  6. Oh, dear Nadeschda,
    I just love your silvery more fabulous swan.
    And your row of tortoises is very wise... they aren't snails, and you know that!

    Wish you a slowly weekend and a soft start in a new week.

    x Ariane.

  7. such a darling little swan! (when we were children, my siblings and i collected tiny china animal figurines. of course we also played with them, which meant that there were often three-legged horses and beakless china birds to contend with... but a doll hospital usually takes care of that ;)

  8. I love the tiny silverbird so much!
    the turtles row is very funny but also wise and helpful for to say: have a stop now! x mano

  9. That little swan is the sort of find that I would have just soared with as a child. Taken it everywhere, it would have inspired a thousand stories and adventures. Charming indeed. Your post reminded me that I have not grown out of wanting to take off with a tiny silver swan into other worlds. We all need one!

  10. it's true! more tweaking! love the woolfenbell cookie-header.

    i'm so jealous! i need to make one for passage p. but then it would have turn to completely into a food blog because just looking at the header daily would make me so hungry!

  11. Kers, Long long ago, when I first started in dentistry, we had a funny old man patient that always said to me.."people are killed in a rush" I never forgot it.

  12. that is a beautiful little swan! my girl finds small treasures such as this irresistible, evidence is found in small drawers and boxes all over her room.

    i LOVE your drawing. The red jumps out at me! I'm coming to a halt...right...now....