end of year reminiscence, pt II

with the window open a little to mild december air, a few more takes on the wallpaper side of the house. as i'm scanning snippets i steamed off last week, ideas {to work those paper shreds into a little project or two} fizz up like bubbles in a glass of champagne. 

how do you like this,  

and this 

or an alternative map of the world, for wallpaper relics?  

ending on a soft, warm and rolling note. i should really get both these ones finished first, but someow i always come up with the same excuse: i need a proper workroom first, before i can finish any started projects. yeah right, {as tinyWOOLF sighs inaudibly}. ☻


  1. Those scraps of wallpaper you have managed to save are beautiful Woolfy and I love both ideas for displaying them. Especially the map. I think they would look good sandwiched between a couple of pieces of perspex...
    I love the colours in your scarf. And I hope tinyWOOLF isn't going to be left on the back burner for too long.
    I managed just one glass of bubbles yesterday...I was driving. I hope you had a v nice Christmas x

    will send a note soon telling you all about a building stuff (if you're interested...)

  2. Super fabulous post..love the photos and gorgeous textures and wallpapers...you are awesome!
    Hugs and wishing you a magical new year in 2012!

  3. the first wallpaper is quite amazing - I'm glad you're saving some of the scraps. how many rooms are there in that house?? seems to me you have an ongoing project in your hands, but I hope you can carve some time and space for a proper workroom for yourself.

  4. You the only one able to make a world (and History) with an old piece of paper...

  5. I give myself the excuse of needing a quiet mind...but that only happens when I create.

  6. i love that first pattern...seems almost a shame to see it go (glad it may live again, in some other state.) and that scarf? is a lovely cheery color for winter.

    p.s. i am a teeny bit better, and hoping for more... but behind in ALL things... so forgive slowness in commenting/emails, and KNOW that your support means the world to me.

  7. I love it all! Beautiful beautiful post.

  8. oooh, love the wallpaper that looks like a map. and the colors of that scarf? so yummy.

  9. happy new year nadine! i've missed so much and your blog has a whole new look yet again! i love how you keep us all busy keeping up with you! xo

    p.s. your bedroom looks lovely as was the wallpaper