the seaside rocks

staying at the seaside, in a family apartment from the seventies, doesn't just bring up ready memories. as at night i'm dropping off in front of a romantic b-movie, i catch zeta-jones whispering how cleveland rocks for some. i can't hardly believe there'd be a lotta heart to cleveland, even if singer ian hunter thinks rather so.

jim jarmush's stranger than paradise, portraying hilarious boredom, showed quite the opposite of cleveland (but the cold winter season as shown may have had something to do with that?).

blankenberge pier
entertainment hall
back to the seaside, which isn't boring if you don't think it is. and it was alright,

north sea
with amber & tangerine sunsets, a thrift shop & recycle gallery, fresh shrimp & cherry beer,

deserted hotel on sea parade
soft rounded local talk from the west in the backgrounds and red, red wine & scrumptious traditional foods from an excellent italian on fishery street.... 

artist's name unnoted
probably more diversity in the tiny coastal town than any bigger cosmopolis at the best of times, and coincidingly as good a place as anyone's imaginary cleveland...☻


  1. I like the deserted hotel on sea parade photo!
    I agree about Cleveland.♥

  2. The sculpture reminds me of the sculptures in the movie 'Stealing Beauty'. Ever seen it? I loved it!

  3. Kers, I think I would have slept thru that movie beautifully!

  4. i never ever think of the seaside as boring!

    beautiful late summery images
    and what a beautiful
    wallpaper in that first pic!

    happy week

  5. Oeh,love those north sea cabins especially with this light!

    And your tiny Woolf would be very good! I can't wait to see it..december ...patience :)
    xx Ingrid

  6. thank you for that amazing and beautiful trip!!!
    really like it!

    a big hug,

  7. and I loooooove your tinywoolf proyect!!!

  8. Hi Nadine,
    Great journey, I loved that scene too from STP with the TV dinner, I saw it recently but don't remember it having Japanese subtitles, so it seems magic and even more transporting to see them here...(or were they there?) Evocative as always, as the earth turns and the planets spin you also take us on your wonderful orbits:)

  9. i like amber and tangerine sunsets! and i love that first photo. in general, i like "looking out of window" photos. there's so much scope for the imagination in them...

  10. I never find the seaside boring, and I especially like it off season (mind you, I'm thinking of mediterranean seaside, not northern european one!)

  11. One of my most favorite films! In fact, it has me wanting to visit Cleveland.
    Actually, even before the movie it was a destination along with New Jersey. These were very exotic places for a West Texas child. Never out grew that either.