drawing | vacation

from the V&A to piccadilly circus
to emergency buy myself a new pair of sandals
and foot lotion. overheated feet!
vacation. it is such a dreamy word. it laughs in the face of the rain pouring down outside our window. fair deuce. i love pouring rain. 

vacation is the only time i ever start a scrapbook, months before the vacation, as a source of inspiration. i hardly ever take it with me, on the trip. and it seldom gets finished afterwards. that's my style, 'afraid. on behalf of scrapbooks, that is. 

my walk from dulwich park
to horniman's grounds in lewisham
in the soon-to-happen year of 2012, yours truely has decided against extensive traveling. i will not city trip. i sometimes do not practice what i preach, but this coming year, i want to invest holiday money in a pro cooker or fridge. it's either one thing or the other.

coming back
gazing at the white cliffs of dover
leafing through my latest {last summer} scrapbook, i have also decided to scrapbook travel instead and finish a collage book already.

london skies are poisoned of 'em
♦ planes ♦
[south london area]
above are a few tracks to my last teeny weeny couple o' days spent in london. as you can see, many pages unfinished. as you may well gather, plenty of completion ahead. {all tracks open to a click}

the one thing i always settle straight off
is the
{hard back} outside cover.

i will now head towards greta's adventurous ship and go see what she means by vacation. perhaps she gives away what mummy wouldn't say??!! la la lala la...


  1. oh nobody told me of a vocation drowing challenge : (


    i like travel diaries, even those that are unfinished! i have been thinking to show mine very time i don`t know what to post on paraphernalia... but then something else comes my way...
    i used to take it with me. write A LOT on it, and draw a bit...
    its a good memoir to have, you know, for us and our kids : )

    off to gretas now!

    ps. i love those shoes ; )

  2. I like it
    even the unfinished
    I like things unfinished
    leaving an open end
    and the cover, wauw!
    I visited London just once, a long, lóng time ago
    the pictures you showed earlier and this story makes me want to go
    on vacation!
    I always take a notebook or diary
    my Australian one still my favorite

    happy weekend!

  3. Hey Woolfy

    cheese cake's done, looks good, smells good...can't eat it till tomorrow though...sigh

    it's a bit sad when one chooses a pro cooker over a holiday...although that's what I'll be doing too (except my cooker won't be pro. ha!)


  4. Dear Nadine,

    first: Message from Rachel via iPhone: 'Greta and I won't be able to post by the morning'. Because of a storm, internet is down at their house.
    So, she ask me to filling in for her. I do.

    oh, woolfy Nadine,
    I love your vacation scrapbook! And that cover... wow!
    Footlotion... Quite a few people will remember a citytrip where footlotion was badly needed... footlotion as a signet, you know?

    Since now I've never used a srapbook or diary for trips, I took photos... and collected memorabilia for a later book... that never comes...

    For a next trip I try a scrapbook directly.


  5. oh i like this, i love it, especially the cover, at heart you are a journalist, better... a documentary maker,catching my attention from the beginning 'till the end, and just like Patrice said, me too i like open ends, xx

  6. Jotting down your vacation images on paper, makes for a proper holiday of the mind.

    Rich images. Very rich.


  7. a fridge is be necessary, and also a cooker (a pro cooker?! - wow, that sounds futuristic!). hope you can do both at once :)

  8. i always dreamed about being a vacation/scrapbook maker, now you inspired me for a new try!!! much love, julia

  9. making sketches like that is a kind of holiday ... very nice.

  10. Scrapbooks...love them when I'm free to make them, hate them when I'm pushed to: I ought to make one for university. And I can't take out of my head the idea that I'm making it for someone else, not me!
    Today you got me thinking a lot. I saw 'Up in the air' and I was reflecting all afternoon, thinking of loneliness. Something I talk about in my letter-to-be too. I'm sorry because it's taking me too long to finish it, but I want to tell you all these thoughts that can't stop bursting trough my brain.
    But now I have more time, and I learnt to use a quill (more or less...). And I can see tonight will be one of those nights. I'll sit, think, write, and then write it again.

    Big kisses, I'm glad about your joy, sorry about the vacational sacrifice, but happy to know you have that privileged mind that can make up new trips with anything.

  11. Nadine, Japan! Don't we wish...our next destination to be revealed very soon.

    You know, I thought I had penciled in Belgium among the places I'd love to visit! I think I got carried away... We did spend one day in Antwerp. We gorged ourselves on Italian food and chocolate. Alas, not long enough to get to know your country. A grander train station I never have seen.

    I really like your scrapbook, unfinished and all. I can't manage to even get them started. But I am greatly inspired to do so, now.

    I understand your being conservative with your travel plans for the next year, but maybe a quick jaunt to Amsterdam in April? Maybe I would see you there?

  12. ... Rachel? In Amsterdam... next April?? ...!

    Dear Nadine,
    if you have a free minute, please join the weekly drawing challenge with 'RUSH'...


  13. Tinywolffe, how are you doing? Is Zalig Kers up yet in your neck of the woods?♥

  14. I recently went to an exhibition regarding artists' books (books by artists). I love the energy devoted to the production of unusually creative books. They were all so beautifully hand-bound with the most delicious components...

    I truly do love the way you think and create!

  15. Isn't pouring rain wonderful? It's raining here now, a nice light mizzle rain, and it's so cozy. I love all your scrapbooks, especially the London one! Sometimes it's good to dream of vacations...