drawing | youth

youth and bitter truththrough marianne faithfull's song {long version} that does sound ominous. i was quite besotted by faithfull's album when it first appeared. i wanted 'to ride the streets of paris in a sport's car'. so far i managed the bus☻.

corner view ≈ roots

do roots grow on you wherever you lay your hat? i wonder. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, jgy's theme. 

drawing | frida

my friend m's cat is called kahlo. here he is, several years younger than today, m's male kahlo.

corner view ≈ sunshine

all the morning {and several brides and grooms} needed was a ray of sunshine. instead the drizzle steadily came down. kurt perschke's red ball in mons2015, however, did shine. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, susanna's theme. 

drawing | a {non} trickster move

trickster. i wish. it is hands on in the studio, no tricks. for i can trick myself, but rolling up the sleeves it is these days. and i'm glad my balance is back and focus is home and courage is mine.  

tchålerwè {walloon} ~ charleroi

my heart always sings in the southern parts of belgium. i was born close to the wallony border and multiple visits across that frontière linguistique brought me french language skills and a lasting appreciation. when a visit down under calls, i can but submit. 

corner view ≈ somewhere else

longing to be somewhere else is a familiar feeling, creating restlessness along the way. the funniest thing is, i've been dreaming non stop about old places i've lived in, in a sense revisiting. as if i'm taking stock. perhaps that is exactly what i'm doing.