december magic ~ # dec 31

here it is, last day of the year. my river {blog} is running dry {last update on january, 1st}
i'm wishing you all a wonderful end of year and a spectacular new beginning. 
thank you for having followed here my december magic
what can i say? i ran out of "y" and so my message comes out all welsh. never mind. ♥  
{# dec 31 part of december magic}.

re ~ dec # 30

 enjoy this. it's pure magic. both music and graphics.
 {# dec 30 part of december magic}

x-mas blues ~ dec # 29

i took down the original heavy shelf and put up two lighter versions, one snug to the other. then, since i did not put up a christmas tree, i decided to inaugurate those shelves with x-mas tinsel & cards. see if you recognize any... ♥

 {# dec 29 part of december magic}.

ordering troops ~ dec # 28

ginger it up ~ dec # 27

i got fresh ginger in my farmer's market greens bag this week, and i could have suspected the need for its remedial qualities. 
i called tiny lamb to help me out. 

i'll admit, to kick that bout of flu, i alternate ginger tea and lemonade with an occasional glass of velvety egg nog. 
 cheers.☻ {# dec 27 part of december unmagic}.

salt box ~ dec # 26

slow day, boxing day. so i'm showing off my vintage salt box,

which i've painted anew and is now filled with adress cards. you are all gathered 'fysically' too! ☻ {# dec 26 part of december magic}.

merry cherry mas ~ dec # 25

in 2010, a few months before we could move into our new home, i stayed at a friend's in a nearby village. on an evening walk my eye caught on this rare beauty. you should know in flemish merry christmas spells zalig kerstfeest, but this decorator seemed to have somewhat run out of lights... moreover kers in flemish means cherry. may i wish you then, a merry~cherry~mas! this one's for k... {# dec 25 part of december magic}.

peep ~ dec # 24

tiny suits me. always. t. sent me these tiny ones, that fit snugly inside a small size (!) matchbox... how season~cute is that? my fingers are too big even to cuddle them. i'm sending an imaginary hug over to you, t. {# dec 24 part of december magic}.

baah & meh ~ dec # 23

they're still in shadows now, but wait till they become light... ☻  {# dec 23 part of december magic}.

circle shape ~ dec # 22

i stitched these 3inch circles together for discreet window shades, but when i last cleaned the studio windows i took them down and hung them on the wall. equally decorative, and stitching circles together is a meditative thing to do. {# dec 22 part of december magic}.

all geared up ~ dec # 21

... and ready for the dance they are. just a tad on the early side. {# dec 21 part of december magic}.

give money! ~ dec # 20

{# dec 20 part of december magic}♥ dress box instructions. 

epic ~ dec # 19

when the cutting areas are too tiny for snips even, the explanation too sparse for words, and the parts, however teeny weeny cute, too incomprehensible to assemble, we have ourselves a fail. {# dec 19 part of december magic}.

the odd one out ~ dec # 18

if the woman can't go to big ben, 

then little ben must come visit the woman. 

it was much harder {and fiddlier} than i ever thought it could be.... ☺ {# dec 18 part of december magic}.

corner view ≈ bath and shower | dec # 17

on and off i have been talking about renovating the house, and more specifically, the bathroom shower..
i have deliberately not shown too much of my labour, because often an early show backfires. so i worked diligently {read : desperately} and am finally at a stage where even the grout is finding its gritty place.
thank heavens for deadlines : my plumber came over to install the shower head bar the handle for i accidentally threw out the mounting bits.... arggrh. TO BE CONTINUED 
so. for now. shower {still} closed for x-mas decorations...  jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. 
also {# dec 17 part of december magic}

it's in the face, pt 2 ~ dec # 16

i talked about these damsels before, mentioning i would get back to them. well, here i am. i dusted and united them, whether they were happy about it, or not. that's why some of 'em pull faces, lady-grantham-style. ☻ {# dec 16 part of december magic}

how would you like your dowager countess ~ dec # 15

i got round to cutting out the dowager countess's many heads & collaged together her ever changing moods with cut out letters. i also had a ball while doing so. lady grantham will be most pleased to change heads, do you think?  {# dec 15 part of december magic}

in the fold ~ dec # 14

hang a few lanterns around the house. it's an easy fold. i stamped some and ... 

i decorated my one plant. no, actually, i have one more mother's-in-law-tongue, in another pot. i have no mother-in-law. ☻ 
{# dec 14 part of december magic}

when mr. en mrs. p. come to town... ~ dec # 13

i agree. they were cut out quite roughly around the edges. truth is, i was distracted some while cutting these out, a little hurried even. and a lot more slap-dash than a penguin'll ever be. {# dec 13 part of december magic}

amazing marvellous ~ dec # 12

tiny rabbit went to town. on his trip he stumbled upon a gathering of words, while a vintage VW added to his excitement. the tiny frame was painted last summer. the words were found in d.h. lawrence's THE WOMAN WHO RODE AWAY{# dec 12 part of december magic}

omitting words ~ dec # 11

i regularly return to my trusted d.h. lawrence. in fact, as soon as i finish a short story in his collected THE WOMAN WHO RODE AWAY, i get rid of words. small joy, great meditation exercise. we shall call this example 'work in progress'. {# dec 11 part of december magic}

a word ~ dec # 10

a piece of paper can go a long way. 

so do the pages from a vintage booklet. 

you cut the pages into strips and staple these strips together...
{folding each strip into a circle and hooking each new circle in the previous circle} 

and there's your vintage garland! 
{# dec 10 part of december magic}

corner view ≈ attendance

a tough one. for just a minute. then i thought of dalida. i hope she's not still waiting. i am tough : waiting, labouring in, attending to that bathroom which will come together, if it's the last thing i do. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, susanna's theme.

loving la tarte tatin ~ dec # 9

whenever i'm peeling an apple, 

i hear my late auntie say : "peel it in one go and make a wish..."

today i  made two wishes...

... and baked a sweet smelling tarte tatin

{# dec 9 part of december magic}