drawing | no limits

i have a box filled with clear stamps, most of which haven't been used. up to today!

yeah, i set myself no limits and went overboard. guess what? it was {welcome} fun.

a mighty change from the last few days' work out. slowly, madly, deeply, a shower cell is being built. from scratch. why did i ever? i am convinced, though, patience will bloom. so will labour. also, here's river's this week update. you could say my days have been filled. 
zap that week, it's the weekend! you'll find a myriad of unlimited behaviour chez roberto

corner view ≈ pretty eyesore

i got her for 50 ct on a morning ariane, bee and i roamed the streets of brussels. all i wanted was her head, but her body came attached. she ended up spending an afternoon inside my zipper bag. 

after careful butchery, i was left with half clad limbs, her favoured coiffe and ... 

... an {un}pretty nose sore. i wonder where next she'll end up. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. 

look who stopped by to say hi

corner view ≈ what makes me happy

in the morning doubting i'll ever make it. going through the motions. hasting to catch the early train. changing trains three times. three times, dear reader, to cover just eighty four kilometers of belgian soil. bright sun. we love! if temps don't reach above 24°C, we're cool. 

gazing up from my train window, at moderate skyscraping builds in brussels luxembourg and schuman quarters, i sense a sore neck. that's a bit of an ordeal. better stick to my drawing. as the train rocks, it is a relief i'm not one for straight lines. 

arriving at louvain-la-neuve, university city across the language border, a beautiful wide open sight at the edge of town fills in my crave for today. i'm getting it, every inch of it. however. 

here on a different mission. having come to hergé's museum in wallony for the day. following a francophone guide, i learn the world renowned hergé, cartoon dad to tintin, was yet another man i'd have loved meeting. 

after architectural space, nostalgia and lunch, i travel back home. i have a few more pics of the day here. 

four trains, only one of 'em canceled. there's a saying here in belgium : catching a train, you're sure to ride for your money's worth. ☻

now there's what can make me happy: chronology and going full circles. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, kristin's theme. 

drawing | memory {the motherhouse}

the memory isn't mine. it was told to me by mother. time and again she recalled how dad ran after her over the hospital steps, in his haste paying no attention to the compact suitcase he was grasping; subsequently losing its contents on the marble staircase. 
while she was in labour, mother squealed and pressed the nurse's palm; would her husband be okay, gathering all of her belongings, flying up in the air, as he took a plunge, over those pale, abrasive steps. 

i know this only from hearsay. i was busy being born. the building above is our local library, and happens also to be the exact building i was born in; in what room, hall or ward i have never come to apprehend. i do feel curiously at home in our library though.
kristen's theme of memory this weekend. ♥ you guess it right : update

corner view ≈ a fresh taste for ...

... a long, stiff walk. well, perhaps not stiff, but long. no rain. plain skies. clouds allowed. sun shine is compulsory. shall we get it again soon? do you have an appetite for good, long walks, i wonder? jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, heather's mum's theme. 

the cook said & the darling buds of may

the cook said, he had an accident with his {chicken & raspberry vinegar} quiche, so he had himself made emergency {spinach & pork, and apple & asparagus} quiches, which were offered bite size at the hôpital nôtre dame à la rose museum in lessines. and tasted delicious.

unlike disastrous attempts in the yours truly kitchen just last week, as egg, and especially pastry, kept on being produced of the blackened variety. 

at the very moment bloggers patrice, ariane and bee visit! stress came down in buckets, like the rain pouring from the skies. thxs for your amazing company, girls! just a few bobs here, but will get back to you and am hoping for your elaborate photographic impressions, naturally. ♥ also, river update.
a tiny panoply of last weekend's follies; handmade gifts by patrice {black and white letterpress}, 
handmade gifts by barbara {a wolf decoupaged notebook, pencil and pouch not shown here}, 
and roses scattered from a vintage tea cup + a handmade beaded green ring, {worn here as a bracelet - left hand corner} by rose
some of the may buds are roses. there's birds, in different places, and a dear wolf. these darling buds of may {originally a much beloved h.e. bates' novel} represent patrice, ariane and barbara coming down to brussels to see michael borremans {exhibition still on until august 2014}. 

the artist says, don't read too much into it, and i'd like to add, do read a lot into meeting up with international blog connexions, because the rencontre would not happen if the blog wasn't the cement, rose scented sentiment. in danger of getting ridiculously soppy, i allow myself a cordial, on a week day morning filled with fond memory. thank you, darling buds of may! ♥ you can slide the show here. ...

corner view ≈ good memories ...

... of which there are many. considering a few shop bought and personal vintage items {thimble for size} kept in a soft pink letter press box, i've tried to create a tableau which at once immerses all of me into fond memories. for instance, that one time when... {these actually qualify better for last week's small things, i realize}. anyway. ♥ jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, kristin's theme. 

drawing | food

david byrne's words ring in my ear, as i draw last night's river entry / today's drawing challenge theme; heaven,-heaven-is-a-place,-a-place-where-nothing,-nothing-ever-happens. our own hemelrijk ('heaven') lies atop the local mystic mount, to which our town's name owes its meaning. sort of. hemelrijk is a place to go rest a while, have a bite to eat, enjoy modest food. the above drawing, based upon a 20th century photo, shows the back side of the place, once upon a time rich in gallery feel, today less so. also, last time we visited, they had run out of creme brûlée. ☻ patrice's theme of food.