order, please!

i talked about drawing houses. in the run-up to next spring's town exhibition, i will be drawing local public houses, some of them standing today, some of them gone. i am also planning on one bigger piece, pulling all that i want to show together. 

drawing | cover {the great leap forward}

a sure crackle in the air last week suggests winter time stands confident, waiting to make a great leap forward. i realize how lucky we are seeking and finding relatively easy cover from the imminent cold, in these dire times of global human migration. i realize i am spoiled having to worry only about pulling my sweater a little tighter, having a roof over my head. i'm keeping hope for safe deliverance for all. 

heart and soul

today has been a good day. today has been a sad day, and a good day. i cried some, i had to. and through this, i breathed. and then i had a piece of sachertorte. in fact, i had two, and shared some with a close friend. now i know i will keep on breathing. but isn't it ironic: my studio is up to scratch, now i am not.

drawing | pot

whenever it's been a long time coming, blogging, i am elated when i open my dashboard and exercise my palm and fingers, much in a way tom hanks does in YOU'VE GOT MAIL, when he advises meg ryan to go to the matresses... remember? heavenly bit.