better-late-then-never-hallowe'en post

when the girl is out in the wild

dracula's hopefully forgetting 'bout his duty.

{all to be found on a sunday's walk in our neighbourhood streets. easily. the teeth might be washed away by now, or else gobbled up by some animal.}

drawing | alice

♥ ♥
♥ ♥
♫♪  oh, alice, dear where have you been?
so near, so far or in between?
what have you heard what have you seen?
alice, alice, please, alice!

oh, tell us are you big or small
to try this one or try them all
it’s such a long, long way to fall
alice, alice, oh, alice  ♪♫♪

♥ ♥
♥ ♥

alice and tinyWOOLF boxes on my mind during the day, falling leafs and poetry racing outside, and a dream which urges me to remember. upon awakening, i run blindly for a scrap of paper.

the dream - i was in a shop and discovered a tiny box (well, evva!) in the softest of colours, and in the shape of a house. i picked it up from the shelf and started to investigate. it fitted snugly in the palm of my hand, and straightaway i noted a few curious devices. upon pushing the front door open, a girl's body with a fancy looooooooong neck would drop down, creating a ♪♫♫ melody. upon turning the house upside down, a tiny gateway from the backside creaked open and a bed-cum-quilted-duvet appeared, in which the little girl slept. all of this was so delicate to look at, so magical to feel, i almost burst. upon almost bursting, i woke up. {and drew above sketch}

i got so curious about this enchantment, i simply could not withhold from expressing my vision a little better, a little more colourful.

and so it was, on a sunny afternoon last week, i chased a few cobwebs from my mind. because life has a knack of happening all at once.

as i sat on the milkhouse steps, near the duck pont, i listened to distant sounds invading my head. there is no real quiet about, nowhere nigh. one needs to find the hole inside. ♥

and wait for inspiration to come flooding in. until that very moment happens, when you find yourself mirrored in a shard of chance glass.

or if you don't find yourself mirrored, then at least a whole forest. then you know again, all is well.

'bout time for tea and biscuits now! aren't you getting curiouser...? i'm on my way, on a trail,

to play and have plenty of cake and cookies, with a gathering of alices... ☻

c·l·i·c·k m·e
♥ {twice} ♥
♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥
thank you 
so much for 
showing up!

drawing challenge NEW THEME : alice

when weary, i tend to put on this. it always does the trick, more so when the booming percussion sets in. it kinda takes me onto a different plane, especially whilest racing through fall landscapes on the train. perhaps i grow taller as i listen?

♥  ♥
♥  ♥

but the other night, i had this dream. it was an illustrious dream, from which i awoke abruptly. you so want to know where i was!

do you too have a take on alice? if so, then i invite you to draw us a bit of magic, any kind of magic, as an antidote for the dreary winterdays ahead. please leave your comment below. next weekend we'll hold our legendary mad hatter's tea party, so that we may ask riddles that have no answers and recite poetry that doesn’t make sense! i'll be serving all that you want. careful now, tea is hot! ☻

for the weekend
patrice {will try}

♥ ♥
tomorrow, tomorrow. 
alice is getting ready!
♥ ♥

corner view ≈ exotic

{link to alice here}
♫♫♪ could it be- yes, it could. 
something's coming- something good,
if i can wait ♪♪♫

this {poland} image
as close to a ghetto image
i could come, on this occasion.
bear with me
the exotic part being, a.o. the mind working overtime. else i've just been overwhelmed by last week's cv theme (fancy tickling) and now i can't force myself back into my usual self. when you happen upon a west side story version somewhere in indiana (us of a), quite unexpectedly, (yes, kim, you are reading correctly, it happened in 1990, and it was in a school play), brilliantly put together by last year students, you can't feel but a little exotic, especially when the sports gym has been whizzed into a staged new york ghetto. 

as i have no image to show for the above, i've had to tap into a few takes from last weekend, when another exotic clung to the afternoon air: that of summer, once again, heading for a grand finale. 

the corn, overdue and unfortunately destined for kettle only, near drew me in {well, we are coming closer to hallow-e'en, and horror has been known of in corn fields}☻. sniffing the nigh to pallid air, dappled by sunshiney flakes, sporadically torn open by a proud rooster or two, i have to admit i shall never be as fortunate, nor shall i be patient like francesca, to immortalize moving animals on photographic paper. 

may the colours of this memorable afternoon breathe exotic to you too. theme from elsa, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca.

not november yet {renov # 22}

it is funny. i've had to look up when i last posted anything on this house here being finished. in may. of this year. i mean, who's counting though? but now we're back, slowly progressing. without wanting to rush nor swoon, i dare to think :

look at the right wall
when the kitchen walls are plastered, 

spot the difference, would you?
the downstairs central heating will be completed. 

when the heaters are on, the floor will be concreted over. when the concrete is dry, wooden flooring will be laid down. 

when the floor is done, and dusted, our furniture is coming home. when the furniture is home, cupboards will be filled. to the brim.

somewhere in the middle of all these things, christmas will happen. whether we'll be hanging balls from a tree (totally dusted over by now, our fake plastic plant), i leave in the middle. but the new year does look promising. and we haven't reached november yet.

drawing | bottle

tempted to cut about it the dillinger way, for that was the first tune on bottles popping up in my head. the song cracks me up, just like it used to, for whooooooooole different reasons than the artist's. thus i dismiss dopehead's optimistic way of spelling n-e-w-y-o-r-k in the seventies. as indy passed on the small screen last night, mainly as wallpaper, i was looking for bottles in the movie, but it was all about crosses, so i needed to spill a scene for this week's theme myself. 

the police's message then. renilde should have a few more bottles up her sleeve, if you pardon the expression.

by the way, how about alice, you-know-who to be next time's drawing challenge? 

corner view ≈ out on a mobile limb [or... whatevva]

whether walking 
the streets 
of brussels, 
or geraardsbergen, 
adventure is at arm's length, 
surprise at the ready, 
solution at hand. 
ninja at random, on jane's corner view, via francesca

scribbles on an indian summer

i left a scribble for son before i set off.
into the sunshine, i dare say. 

the indian summer keeps on pouring on us.
m. had it all planned. 

we decided on mussels for lunch,
a splash of golden delicious and
the cake to be made. 

the one cake: the nigella cake.
it'd been a while, but it came out sound,
and delivered.
my precious oven that i miss. 

m. wanted gingerbread billy bunters.
we made them.

by jove, we made them. 

i even cracked her cookie mold! 

this morning i did go and pick up the bicycle i left behind. 

the walk through quiet landscape felt invigorating. 

on my way back i bumped into alice.
just to top up the day.

i would like to know.
how about you's?  

drawing | development

development makes me wonder whether possible progress always and automatically leads to something new. whether development perhaps serves as a deserving tool to (self)reflection upon life and its circumstances in general, and from the dawn state of a project to its finishing point in particular? are we talking constant re-creation, re-development? does our circle of challenges, ladies and friends, reflect well upon the eternal (re)turn of life and death,

like e.g. the snake biting its own tail? ariane gathers the others on development.

corner view ≈ october

almost one year ago, i moved in at l's. that was after one hectic october, in which i both tried to manage renovation going on (or rather stagnating, and thus pressing builders) and plan an akward house move.

to this day, most of our furniture remains in limbo. we kind of live from boxes (and therefore lead a diluted, sparse if you like, daily life). oi, it can wear the most optimistic soul down.

october last year, and october this year therefore leave me well stranded, trying to make sense of it all. i should really put on this, and give october a well deserved kick up the --- (whilest keeping the spirit up though.)
october on kari's mind, on jane's corner view, hosted by fuoriborgo.

drawing | family

it's been a while (library school to be exact), when i came across a less obvious definition to family. just as much interrelating as the family troupe we commonly know, but alot, and alot bigger: the family of nouns, the gathering of terms, the sharing of definitions, the organizing of things. let's also think amoebae.
let me assure you, back then, i grew pretty desperate on the subject. trying to grasp it, i cursed under my breath. for there's a system to work yourself through, there's a one and only way to do this properly. i only just passed the test. and forgot all about it by the time we left thesauri behind. still thinking amoebae.
since family as we know it comes a little akwardly to me anyway, i would like to grab the bigger picture. of course, one could also argue i just felt like doodling about in organic thoughts. greta thought up family for this week's theme.