how many lives does one need?

pushing scraps of paper around and trying for some sense
it's coming and going, this life and all of its contents. i found myself on cross roads last week, but monday brings new industry, i guess. 

bullet journal page, unfinished
i find virtual reality overwhelming at the best of times, so i wonder, you know, where we're heading, but i'm guessing also that is rather a rhethorical question. 

pushing paint around
i found my calm in painting today. rather i pushed paint around, muddling grey and white and ochre, which threw me onto gold, almost. with a bit of imagination. aimless painting is therapy.  

bullet journal february weather page, look at that sun a-shining!
i've been wondering if i should have taken up languages in university, way back, and if i should have further mastered in psychology and filosophy. or tried, he.

bullet journal page, unfinished
which simply brings me back, once more, to you, guys, popping in and out, sharing frustration and exaltation. when i walk the streets, and people literally walk into me, insult me... 

pushing paint around
i look upon this personal community of which, you reader, are an important part, i am so glad and happy to have found you and let's just stay the way we are. i'm happy with just the one glad person. ☺

my weekend post didn't happen! so here i am, monday late afternoon, studio hours well spent. have a beautiful week ♥

preferably not getting my knickers in a twist

brussels, office days' lunch walk
in between next month's travel preps and keeping creative on a daily basis, i am also tending the parttime office job, as ever, and walking round, looking and wondering, also as ever. it's a fair combo that suits me.

no, no, no... this isn't my renovation, although i wish...
there's one backdrop, i don't get anything on the house (renovation) done. i wish that i would, sometimes i even think i could, but then something else pops up. i'm gonna need me some attention to that. 

painting table
which makes me wonder, also, whether it'd be an idea to office work more hours and simply get the builders in on the extra dosh i'd generate that way? it's not the simplest option, but it might be bingo in the long run. 

cemetery glass house
i'd love to live in a house that's fully finished for once (and for ever). the trouble with half finishings is that you don't notice the fissures as such anymore, but they are there and they do get on my knickers.

one for good luck ☻
anyway. now that it's been called, a solution can burst in. in the meantime, there's a {spring!} world changing outside, bursting into flames even, as long as the sun gets invited. i'm up for it, are you's? 

getting warmed up a little on collaging, one early insomniac morning...
rummaging 'round the studio, thinking up big ideas for the september venue, trying them out, breathing in, breathing out... it's all so much more exciting than running round plastering and painting walls, innit? 

enjoy the weekend. have a fun week. keep the sun hanging ♥

a little stream drives a light mill

i have been offered a tiny, yet exciting exhibition, in a local and in-full-restoration flour mill. there's a theme running through both exhibition weekends that i'll gently incorporate in my intended work.

playing around with wordle-the-likes, for brainstorming reasons
that is the general gist. i'm hesitant at mentioning too much, because my intentions, at times, change overnight. sources of inspiration are the hoefnagels and maria sybilla merian

big names whose endeavours offer me inspiration and begin to have impact on my own work. i cannot but mention them, and tell you how much i love their illustrations. completely in awe. 

playing around with wordle-the-likes, for brainstorming reasons
flour mill means bread and baking, and right up my street. i heartily munch on its historic importance. so far the speculoos with primaeval flour a.o. ingredients, tasted divine. 

saturday mornings at the academy
having till june to prepare, updates will pop up here. incorporating a mill theme in this new work, the topic will later reappear, in an at home event in early winter 2018. feeling chiselled for action and ready ☺.  

there then. winter has a meaning at last. now have yourselves a beautiful little weekend. ♥

BUJO. my way

in my sketchbook there were only about eighteen shades of grey, in the month of january 2018 ☻
i have been working behind the scenes, on a concept to tie in images {illustration, drawing, painting, collage} with words {from those dreaded journals, remember} into a batch that holds both meaning and attraction. 

daily mantra n° 1
i fear re-reading old diaries, for its box-of-pandora aspect. with measured intent though, in other words, while illustrating stories past, i find it is possible to create something fresh, yet relevant.

weekend trip efforts pt 1
it comes down to playing around with another challenge: ideation, albeit significance has always kept me on my toes. that's how my 365-projects have worked for me. lend me a meaning, the rest follows. 

weekend trip efforts pt 2
showing up every day is important. creating is like being the dog biting its own tail, or the snake eating itself; as such pushing infinity to its limits, which makes little sense, for infinity is indeed infinite... 

antwerp 2017-2018 ECCEHOMO city art
yet it is inviting: minding the circle, keeping the wheel turning, having the maker machine oiled. finding, through keeping at it. feeling elated for it, and therefore contagiously satisfied. working away. can you feel it?  

enjoy the weekend. and the week ahead. now where's that sun hiding? ♥
{all images from present notebook/sketchbook/bullet journal book/ideas book}