two tone everyday

today brussels' instruments museum, in the eighties a place to squat....
a little while ago ariane sent me a meme that made my heart jump. the next moment i held my breath. i haven't done b&w photography pretty much since my photography years. gasp, gasp. should i? 

brussels' cinema, old times' selfie, eighties
i'd a few ideas, but nothing really came to any fruition. i re-started morning running, in an attempt at lateral thinking. but oh. my weak knee gave way again. i've had an injury for a while. 

kerrville, us. greyhound busstop undoubtedly, nineties
having it play up now is a bummer though. should i go on long walks instead, the ones of old, while (hopefully) healing the knee. should i just explore and perhaps take my reflex camera?

geraardsbergen, idegem
i took my courage and asked ansel adams to join me on my train of thoughts. correction - i asked mister ansel gently to join me to talk, you know, not even dreaming of coming close to his mastership. 

geraardsbergen, idegem
i've started walking. today fat raindrops joined us. but OVERjoyed! i'll be IG-posting seven b&w images over a week that starts today saturday, following ariane's gentle prod, displaying a version of everyday.

enjoy the week ahead. i will. ♥ 

autumn gauge

yesterday's curb love-in-the-mist, fibre tip experiment
i wrote a different blog post earlier today. one that i didn't publish, because it was a fraude. i was lying to myself. i was blaming the weather, the people, circumstances and the god gamned earth for everything. 

academy, upstairs corridors
of course something, like alot, like ALL of it wasn't right. i've simply not been practicing what i usually preach. i believe in daily creative practice and i've been doing almost zilch since... oh well, can i even remember? 

fibre tip experiments today
i can safely say i'm missing my daily project, as in daily practice. i do. i am. totally missing it. but not wanting to do another. yet, needing some kind of daily thing. being undecisive about it hasn't helped. 

saturday classes. so totally not our group's efforts. still. pretty pretty
so i doodled yesterday's love-in-the-mist flowery thing (see top), after the blog post i didn't publish. and then i drew a corner of the living room. well. drew is a big word. i fibre tip sketched it. and then labeled it. kind of. 

academy upstairs hall way
and it was while watching a few weeks old apprentice episod that it dawned upon me that i should just daily post a drawing. period. but be sure to post it, because the push of publishing is the practice i need. 

well, talking 'bout coming full circle. have a beautiful week ahead. ♥

there's that one

lille, centre ville
this is the one where a feeling of want grips you, where you feel you need to go out on a limb or else. and just be. in the moment. preferably not home.

lille, rue gosselet
so then this is that one, where you embark on a short train ride from home, into the north of france, on a nord pas de calais train. doesn't it sound awesome? i know. 

lille, porte de paris
taking the weather with you, you're also subject to the flow as is, in this particular case blowing autumnal leaves in your face and around your ears, occasional hail, torrential rain showers and crazy wind. yup.

lille, musée des beaux-arts
so then this also the one about the city museum where you leave your luggage, grab a coffee, shop the museum shop until it's time to check in. obviously after you've been showered down a third time.

all the way
and it's also the one in which you hear the night rain pour down, and next the early morning rain. and you'd like to push that morning forward, into... into what exactly? 

lille, porte de roubaix
and at last it's the one where you brave the rain showers, large puddles and treacherously slippery leaves and a railway station lockdown (lucky you're inside) to suspicious behaviour.

lille, les merveilleux de chez fred
yes. totally that one. it was all entertaining though. in hindsight, i'm back home, curling up underneath the duvet and eyeing a coffee merveilleux from chez fred. all worth it, really. 

♥ everyone, i missed the weekend here. have a lovely week. stay dry. ☻

words and drawing {attention}

a half full jar of poppy seeds, such as i have in my kitchen
recently i have done research on what keeping a diary may or may not stand for. i am glad to discover a diary needs not necessarily be kept forever. in fact this brainpickings article throws an interesting light :

"...but for the most part, i rarely look at the journals i have kept for the greater part of a lifetime. the act of writing is itself enough; it serves to clarify my thoughts and feelings. the act of writing is an integral part of my mental life; ideas emerge, are shaped, in the act of writing." - oliver sacks

lemons repeat
that is a novel feeling i like. it reminds me of julia cameron's darn morning pages in the creative process : get rid of the inner critic's mumbo jumbo, and settle down to the core creative business ahead. 

the side cupboard i happily set up last wednesday
in reviewing the uncertain task of synthesizing diaries, i quite like this : drawing scenes from each diary, highlighting crucial happenings, and in so doing, documenting my personality through generalisation. 

oh my! rapeseed everywhere in the fields i passed on the train. yes, i know. they only have 4 petals. ☻
this practice could contribute to my drawing skills and broaden the path of illustrating i find myself on. my stuff would remain personal enough, yet public, an equity i've grown quite fond of.  

and a temporary try-out in PS. my past week. on your left, a spinach wrap, looking like a bold fist.☻

as a warm up i've been sketching last week's highlights and i've brought them together in a composition of sorts. composition is not my forte, that's why i'd like to impose on myself. let's see where this leads me. 

♥ enjoy you weekend the way i do and have a lovely week ahead ♥