two tone everyday

today brussels' instruments museum, in the eighties a place to squat....
a little while ago ariane sent me a meme that made my heart jump. the next moment i held my breath. i haven't done b&w photography pretty much since my photography years. gasp, gasp. should i? 

brussels' cinema, old times' selfie, eighties
i'd a few ideas, but nothing really came to any fruition. i re-started morning running, in an attempt at lateral thinking. but oh. my weak knee gave way again. i've had an injury for a while. 

kerrville, us. greyhound busstop undoubtedly, nineties
having it play up now is a bummer though. should i go on long walks instead, the ones of old, while (hopefully) healing the knee. should i just explore and perhaps take my reflex camera?

geraardsbergen, idegem
i took my courage and asked ansel adams to join me on my train of thoughts. correction - i asked mister ansel gently to join me to talk, you know, not even dreaming of coming close to his mastership. 

geraardsbergen, idegem
i've started walking. today fat raindrops joined us. but OVERjoyed! i'll be IG-posting seven b&w images over a week that starts today saturday, following ariane's gentle prod, displaying a version of everyday.

enjoy the week ahead. i will. ♥ 

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  1. I love black and white photos! I seem to notice more details when looking at black and white photos!