words and drawing {attention}

a half full jar of poppy seeds, such as i have in my kitchen
recently i have done research on what keeping a diary may or may not stand for. i am glad to discover a diary needs not necessarily be kept forever. in fact this brainpickings article throws an interesting light :

"...but for the most part, i rarely look at the journals i have kept for the greater part of a lifetime. the act of writing is itself enough; it serves to clarify my thoughts and feelings. the act of writing is an integral part of my mental life; ideas emerge, are shaped, in the act of writing." - oliver sacks

lemons repeat
that is a novel feeling i like. it reminds me of julia cameron's darn morning pages in the creative process : get rid of the inner critic's mumbo jumbo, and settle down to the core creative business ahead. 

the side cupboard i happily set up last wednesday
in reviewing the uncertain task of synthesizing diaries, i quite like this : drawing scenes from each diary, highlighting crucial happenings, and in so doing, documenting my personality through generalisation. 

oh my! rapeseed everywhere in the fields i passed on the train. yes, i know. they only have 4 petals. ☻
this practice could contribute to my drawing skills and broaden the path of illustrating i find myself on. my stuff would remain personal enough, yet public, an equity i've grown quite fond of.  

and a temporary try-out in PS. my past week. on your left, a spinach wrap, looking like a bold fist.☻

as a warm up i've been sketching last week's highlights and i've brought them together in a composition of sorts. composition is not my forte, that's why i'd like to impose on myself. let's see where this leads me. 

♥ enjoy you weekend the way i do and have a lovely week ahead ♥


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