autumn gauge

yesterday's curb love-in-the-mist, fibre tip experiment
i wrote a different blog post earlier today. one that i didn't publish, because it was a fraude. i was lying to myself. i was blaming the weather, the people, circumstances and the god gamned earth for everything. 

academy, upstairs corridors
of course something, like alot, like ALL of it wasn't right. i've simply not been practicing what i usually preach. i believe in daily creative practice and i've been doing almost zilch since... oh well, can i even remember? 

fibre tip experiments today
i can safely say i'm missing my daily project, as in daily practice. i do. i am. totally missing it. but not wanting to do another. yet, needing some kind of daily thing. being undecisive about it hasn't helped. 

saturday classes. so totally not our group's efforts. still. pretty pretty
so i doodled yesterday's love-in-the-mist flowery thing (see top), after the blog post i didn't publish. and then i drew a corner of the living room. well. drew is a big word. i fibre tip sketched it. and then labeled it. kind of. 

academy upstairs hall way
and it was while watching a few weeks old apprentice episod that it dawned upon me that i should just daily post a drawing. period. but be sure to post it, because the push of publishing is the practice i need. 

well, talking 'bout coming full circle. have a beautiful week ahead. ♥

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  1. I get your funk! When I have't shot somethig in a while, I get cranky and like a tiger in a cage.