you never know

i've never been one for cellars. so when i bought this house-cum-cellars i just hoped i'd get away with ignoring them. then the electrician happened and he suggested i put in good lights and sockets, you never know. well, hooray for my electrician!

cellars plural: i have three and a half. above see the stairs casement cubicle, now home to brooms, ironing board and clothes rack.

the middle cellar houses my 'dirty' studio. here i cut, saw, dust, scrub, paint and drill. the light is perfect, i have electrical power and everything is quite neatly stored.

front cellars are devided into two parts, (shown here is the left store room). seen as i've got things under seeming control down here, i suppose it's hands-on with that blasted footstool i was yappin' on about a while ago. first a bit more plastering. i will keep y'all posted.

feeling mellow yellow

no can do

wait a minute. 30°C? {yes, those are old slippers on my feet.}

no can do.
luckily i cemented and plastered the shower walls just a few days ago.

so, this morning, and before the hottest heat, i was here.

now we're back onto drawing houses...
been there, done that

corner view ≈ inner child

every day i learn how to let the inner child have its say

in the past i reasoned i wanted to be a writer of novels. that was after the many years i wanted to become a famous actress. i was going through the-next-martha-stewart phase at some point, but in my dreams also saw myself as the new female joseph cornell

presently i am learning, each day as a matter of fact, to listen to my inner me. the inner me is small, female and hungry. she pushes me to experiment with colour and with medium, to reach out for a more satisfying destination, one closer to home. i hear her. 

she's also urging me into minute, miniature life, guiding me to obtain small vintage paraphernalia {throwing in aquarel for a bargain}. she still also wants me to add words, songs, poetry.... i'm on my way... 

sounds almost crazy, non? i think so. and i feel well chuffed. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, anna's theme. and with this, i bid you happy summer holidays, and see you soon! i'll be here. throughout summer. n♥

a hard day's day

and thus. 
we grope and grovel. 
we bite the dust. 
it was the prospect of a red hot soaker of a bath that purred me on. 
more of the same tomorrow, i'm afraid. 

drawing | what is that?

maggie took me on a walking trip. 
we live closeby one another and we decided to walk from my place to hers and back in a day. 

she showed me two quiet roads, to and fro. 

more than that, she recounted long gone days, 
when her dad and her, 
and her brother and sisters and her, 
and her mum and her 
roved the woods behind their homestead. 

more than anything else, she told me about loves and loss. 
it was a mild, yet humid day, somehow perfect. 
above are some pics {more here} and below please find ...

... my this week's dc challenge entry. 
what is it that i saw? 
one of many, many animal shelters! 
carole's choice of topic this weekend. 
♥ enjoy saturday & sunday ♥
river update

corner view ≈ replace

through necessity i replaced my car for two steady legs ~ walking, many years ago. {when not living too remotely, forsaking a car is doable.} on good days i replace coffee by herbal tea, i use yoghurt instead of full fat cream or gravy, and i substitute meat by double greens or meaty fish. on all days in between though, i opt for the full monty ☺. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, anna's theme. 

drawing | inner eye

this isn't what i had in mind, which sounds pretty ironic for this week's theme. i don't even really know where it sprang from. i only know i kept going, against all odds. sus's DC theme this weekend.

corner view ≈ {slow} growth

there's a lot one can say about succulents, check any reference book on the subject.

in my case it is the only {quasi indoor} plant i can keep. or perhaps i should say love keeping.

because looking at or into a succulent, one can experience bedazzlement. 

the one on the right {crassula} is a one, which was home delivered {including all of the above sisters and bro's} just a few weeks ago. thanks, j.! besides stun, they grow slooooow. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, cole's theme.