ghent TRACK - part II

"TRACK is a unique art experience in the public and semi public space of the city of Ghent. It offers surprising, enriching and unexpected encounters with the city, its history and its inhabitants and incites to reflect upon urban realities and the contemporary human condition in a broader sense. 41 international artists were invited to conceive new art works that are strongly rooted in the urban fabric of Ghent but link the local context with issues of global significance." more information on TRACK here

tazu rous 

for backdrops, the artist uses iconic objects. here he built a full functional {and fully booked} hotel room around st-pieter's railway station clock. one clambers steel steps {read: one conquers vertigo} to land in a comfortable room with a stunning view. 

more images here

mircea cantor 
amidst the ruins of st-baafs abbey rises a wooden house of which the ropes lament the songs and stories of places we live in, the volatility of time passing and the present we so easily forfeit. 

tadashi kawamata 
stretching the boundary between architecture and installation art, the artist has built slums, using pallets and waste materials, in the turning basin of dampoort's busy traffic interchange. 

benjamin verdonck
* Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan hinase hic anda thu, wat unbidan we nu

in collaboration with school children, the earliest known flemish phrase {°1100} is visualized using today's well known marketing symbols chosen by the children. the first letters of these products spell out the original phrase.

mark manders
the house in which the artist presents his work is stunningly beautiful and derelict.  

the artists' sense of humour appealing.

benjamin verdonck

the tree house is an exact replica of the houses already living in the area since the 1950's. taking the saying
barking up a tree to quite a new level. 
more images here

peter buggenhout 
in former golden gloves boxing club, an
inside out installation reflects the artists' vison on decay, imperfection, erosion and transcience. 
smelly polyester!

ghent tondelier quarter
the former industrial site is being refurbished as we speak. amongst others, above artist used the changing site to translate a vision. 
our own vision rather more down to earth... ice creme brulée

hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan hinase hic anda thu, wat unbidan we nu?

alle vogels zijn al aan het nestelen, behalve jij en ik; waar wachten we nog op?

all the birds are making their nest, except for you and i; whatever are we waiting for? 

you will be able to walk the TRACK walk for real, until september 16th. 
by means of an appetizer, or if you can't make; this way please
enjoy. ♥
{don't forget to click the images for details}

drawing | cross stitch

on a day such as this one, i sat awaiting the arrival of a friend. earlier that morning, an idea had sprung to mind, after savouring a margaret atwood sentence. a single phrase can trigger so much sentiment.

i picked up the first fibre tip at hand, pale blue. then i unearthed an old stamping pad and cut a piece of eraser into a tiny square. i translated my idea into a pattern. 
since this paper leaf won't fit my drawings sketch book, i walked about with it, in my make do living room, wondering... where shall i put it? 

all of these participants [norma, {stephanie}arianeliserosemaryolgasusancarolevictoriarachelgreta, {patrice}, kristen, {julia}, manotatjana, {lynne}, {helen}... ] swap cross stitch samples this week. thank you all, for playing! ps - my internet intermittently playing up or simply down [talkin' 'bout caprices!!], it might take a while before i visit you all, but who knows, hey? 

* a cracked maroon umbrella
so prized when new;
from: THE DOOR by margaret atwood; poem, YEAR OF THE HEN

corner view ≈ grass

ghent, st. peter's abbey, the gardens
"shocks me too, the things we used to do on grass...
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting
i do believe this was ötli's? 

ebony and irony ♪♪♫♪

at the point where grafting and finer creation in this house meet, cyberspace sputters and comes to a halt. the technician this morning stating 'there are seventy more customers in your area experiencing the same internet trouble...,'. 

  • seventy? 
  • seventy. 
  • more fools us

especially '... since fixing it is going to take a fortnight'. 

  • a fortnight? 
  • a fortnight! 
  • now we're jinxed!

you have noticed the lapsus in the title? the upcoming shop update is being postponed [again], the few blog posts due this week will happen, if it kills me. 

i may not be visiting anyone anytime soon, but will do a wolf's sprint by the time we're hooked up again to the multicoloured blood that runs through those cybernet veins. 
in the meantime i am wishing you all the prettiness in the world. 

drawing challenge NEW THEME : cross stitch

my late auntie cross stitched all her life. in my memory, i see her sitting by the front room window, catching the late daylight. 
by the time her eyes were giving, she was the first one on the block to use a magnifying glass. 
{a lot of couleur CRANFORD involved, when she worked away in her local circle of friends! ☻}

i don't think i appreciated embroidery work as a child, and to this day i feel inhibition towards cross stitch. 
but i do understand the labour of love involved, and i'd love lending it a contemporary twist, in a drawing challenge, e.g. 
let's cross stitch, everybody! let's pick up pencil, pen, paint. let's use paper, scissors, rock. ☻ or whatever. let's design a cross stitch pattern... leave your name in the comments section, if you are in. i'll cross stitch you later! 
{challenge 28-29/07}

corner view ≈ what makes me laugh {today}

philip seymour hoffman most probably doesn't need introducing. usually he plays the serious guy. his talent leaves me hot and cold, a bit like jack nicholson. i'm not too sure where i've got it with him, but he moves me in all the right places. in the brilliantly written ALONG CAME POLLY his personification of sandy lyle cracks me up. enjoy below compilation of the character. moreover, laugh out loud! ☻ let it rain! ~ ice man.... 
jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, beth's theme

drawing | finger painting, aka fiery summer

the life and times of the red line. she running...

more over at carole's, her drawing challenge theme this week being finger painting. jolly good fun, an unexpected event even! 
now. is that red line someone's left arm pulling at the red bush? ☻

summer hols

starting today, friday, 13th... there's no better day for it... ☻
{stay tuned... i'm not going anywhere}

corner view ≈ table

there's a tiny table i have come to love
it may not be stable, still, sound enough
to hold my scribbles, my pensées
my drivel, my fortes {i hope}.
it is always on the move, always on the go.
it is the train table, so now you know. 
jane's corner view
francesca's hosting
elizabeth's theme

hell boy amongst others

of course you know of the royle family, who doesn't? if you haven't seen them on the telly, they might just live down the street, no? the makers of the royles have now come up with THE CAFE, a sitcom in and around a seafront tearoom, run by three generations of women: nan, mum and daughter. if you know it, you know what i mean. if this is new to you too, go get it. 
somewhere. beyond the sea. homan, i love seagulls crying! ☻

some weekend

where i grew up, i walked to school, joined by a neighbour friend. 
who was going to marry me. 
he's moved out of the area now. 
as have i. 

when i go visit mum, she always sits on this chair {left}. 
her whole long life's evolved around it, and she's old
i gaze at this cloudy view from my chair. 

walking to the railway station in the rain, 
i found this intriguing piece of architecture, and snapped it, 
before it'll gravely change into a solid house.

as i was getting ready to go thrifting 
i was waiting...
on a train... 

having no images of today's thrift shop result yet,
 a few oldies but goldies slipped in.

since many people wonder, 
when ever am i showing more of the downstairs renovation.... ??
... some sneak peeks.

yes! i am into photographing sockets: 
renovation makes me go barmy a few times a week. 
but before long... 

....this bohemian kitchenette {middle} will be no more... 
and this old bookcase {right}... 
will become a much needed side cupboard.

it is free {thank you, tanita tikaram}, 
and travel happens in the head here.
{ps - all images are clickable, as usual.}