salmonid voracity [ahem]

tessa kiros has got a lot to answer for, as does nigella. they make us drool, right? does that happen to you? now i'm staying at l's, we've been like cats with two tails. l's gravad lax is a wonder, i've boasted about it before. what she is doing to a salmon tail! oh boy. you better try it at home, if you're a salmon lover, ànd a lazy cook. because this sea baby just needs a quick turn four consecutive days and you're done. and then you'll eat it, you'll ravish it, what am i saying, DEVOUR it. so catch that fish and follow the lead (recipe E/recept NL, as promised). this being excellent party food, gravlax will make your festive holidays sparkle, (as much so as your guests).


  1. You need to move to the Salmon capital or just come and cook for a few days!! looks so good, meow!

  2. thank you for demystifying this meal - have eaten it before, but thought it too hard to make at home... but I'll need a bigger fridge I think!