tree (111-1)

"it would never think much about nothing. it just stood, roots firmly anchored in natural scape. it would not be moved by anything, or anyone. it listened to, oh so many songs. words floating by would in turn whisper truths 'bout bereavement and trust, elation or power. shape did that to people. mankind made assumptions.
innocent children would dance 'round the bark. they would also touch. their fingertips would melt away the crystal. occasionally, that did steal a frison or two. after snow, after winter, after wind, birds would return. swallows would gather. they would twitter for the leaves to come back. in no time season would turn again, to butter." 
woolf, 14/01/11


  1. v. poetic. yes it would be interesting to know what trees ACTUALLY think. about us and everything else.

    loved your salad spinner post and i share your passion. could have a long conversation about the v. old-ey original soft plastic triumphs vs. the hard plastic zyliss. the good news is that in the states every time we break the pull string, we write to zyliss and they send us a brand new spinner - free!

    shhhhh don't tell anyone else about this!

  2. Did you write that one, my dearest Holy Cherry! That is beautiful and thought provoking...just like 111...

  3. Did you write that? I was very sad when the great old silver birch tree in our lane died last year, it made the landscape.

  4. oh, this is lover-ly...

    and thank you, so very much, for your kind words over at my blog...

    p.s. we love sherlock holmes too!

  5. beautiful words for a gorgeous winter image!