drawing | cup

i figured it time for 
a milky close up 
on cafeine contents 
of an afternoon cup. 
to stefanie
♥ cheers ♥


  1. Wow, this cup is looks really delicious !

  2. Great drawing, loveley cup of coffee, I like it!
    Greatings Michaela

  3. Your artwork, skill, talents...they never cease to inspire and amaze me.

  4. Hey Woolfy, that's a love filled cup of coffee! I love the little rabbit hopping across the china plate too.
    Here's to a good weekend for you. xoxo Carole

  5. ha ha, all baristas will become jealous! you should set up a coffeeshop!!
    great great work!! see us at stefanie's party ;-)!
    mano ♥

  6. oh thank you very much, this is so very nice! I can smell the coffee, perfect!
    and I love the rabbit, this means luck and I think you made the rabbit for me today :-)
    x Stefanie


  7. A great cup of coffee drawn to perfection!♡
    Cheers to the art and caffeine connection,
    a bottomless cup that points in all directions
    。。。an abundant creative source!!

  8. Yes, very beautiful this cup with a circulation of creamy milkhearts dancing around and the plate is absolutely awesome also. Would love to come around for a nice cup and tiny bit of belgium chocolate with it. Cherio!

  9. ummmm
    lovely cuppa,love all the little details, the bunny and script

  10. ooh do I see a rabbit???? oooohhhh!!!! love it! Again, a wonderful drawing dear Nadine!

  11. this is just the most pretty latte I have ever seen :)

  12. Such a lovely drawing Nadine!! I love the design and the running bunny :) so perfect and colors - just can't get enough of this one :)

  13. Dearest Nadeschda,
    mmmmh this aroma, this movement of beautiful milky vortex, hurrying like the sweet hare (Alice?). I have tried to read the pretty handwriting in the background, but... I take a sip instead.

    xo Ariane.

  14. i already have a cup of coffee in my hands, but otherwise i would have to make one - yours looks to me so like a cappuccino with a rich foam and a dusting of cocoa powder i rather smell yours which is drawn, than mine which i am tasting.

  15. Hi, Woolfie - wow, you are a talented barista, spinning those hearts of frothy milk in this latte! Looks so good I may have to go have a cup myself!
    Happy week, sus

  16. nice to meet you again ;)
    your cup looks so delicious! i love the milky hearts and the imagination of real smelling grainy coffeebeans!
    have a nice week, dania

  17. woolfie!
    wat een fijne tekening!
    de koffie geur komt je tegemoet
    en die fijne harten die rondgaan, rondgaan....

    Patrice A.

  18. Woolfie my heart is melted right into that cup on the page. Lovely! Delightful. Whimsical. All you!!! N, xo

  19. i really really adore your cup!
    happy about the woolf-and-fox-meeting :)
    best wishes!

  20. oooh that rabbit stole my heart right away, such a pleasant work to look at, round and swirling and hopping, it makes me feel warm inside just like a nice creamy cup of coffee does, your work is getting even stronger than it was before, xx

  21. beautiful picture, I love the mix of drawing and words!
    thanks for your kind comment! :))

  22. Great again, my dear! Don't know where to keep my eyes...following the running rabbit or turning round in circles with the milk foam hearts? You know I'm one of those who are afraid of destroying nicely decorated coffea foam. Luckily I don't drink coffea at all, so I don't get into that fix, haha!

    @Lichtrouten: Hope you'll manage to ignore crowds and enjoy those light installations in Ghent. I adore light-art, it's so special and different from paintings or sculptures. I think it's because it's so evanescent. If someone turns off the light, it's gone, you know? And you're so focussed on illuminated pieces in the dark. Sometimes there is so much mood and tension within an installation that it's nearly overwhelming. We've had several Lichtrouten now, and we still remember many installations as deeply touching.