a bit of this. a bit of that

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a bit of this. a bit of that. 

i have been fortunate enough as to have found peace in a rhythm of enjoying normal stuff such as going back to work. 

planning an at home day ahead and keeping to a semi tight schedule. 

actually also enjoying off time in between. 

the usual september feeling, but in august already. 


feel like coming to japan? join the drawing challenge
enjoy the rest of the week! 
and  U P D A T E ! ☺


  1. oh, feel like my heart is melting... feel connected to you, dear Nadeschda. Some pieces of your peace is well known by me, too... as you know 😄😊😘

  2. huge ;^)))
    in love with your left pages
    see you this weekend
    but i might be a little late


  3. I am ready. See you this weekend!

  4. Okay, you talked me into it, I will take my sewing machine out of the box and thread it. Inspiration found here yet again :)

  5. wonderful left pages! - oh, those never ending projects, there are a lot around me...

  6. Hello, Nadine! You took pictures of interesting things. I wonder if the last photo is a collage of mail art. BTW, I really look forward to see the inspirational works regarding something about Japan upcoming weekend. I’m so interested to see what foreign people as well as a Japanese Tomoko are interested in Japan. Thank you for the lovely comments on my posts recently.


  7. Hello, Nadine! I read your message regarding Japan “attitude” on my post. Yes, my blog is all about Japan: landscape, historical and cultural assets, family, tradition and custom, philosophy, literature and poetry, architecture, social problems, and so on. No problem for you to include a link to my post as you asked, I rather feel honored. I’m interested in your plan about Japan, but not in an active way as posting something but in a passive way to enjoy other blogger’s works. Maybe in future when things have slowed down, I might join you. Thank you again for that message contained in the comment.


  8. What in the world is the deer head on top of?!
    I take breaks with a good book and a pop or water when I've got a lot of something to do. It helps me feel motivated to finish rather than give up.
    Love the fall colors!:>)
    Your drywall is coming along nicely. :>)
    Wish I could draw!
    (Random thoughts at reading your post.)

  9. love the bits and especially the mosaic. wouldn't mind to to japan!

  10. I want to go on your morning walk with you! Gorgeous view! Like the pattern you created on your t!

  11. oh, look at that shower, and how well it's coming along!