drawing | leap

any time is a good time to brag about socialism, lest we grow sour and dour. there, that's probably the first and last time i come up absolute about my position in politics on an otherwise neutral and usually straight creative blog. but then veronica is giving us a leap.

we live in a world of many great contrasts, of filthy rich top and crowded down-the-bottom poor, with in between a working class that slowly deflates and loses obtained, fought for security to a gripping right wing policy, that hasn't reached top speed. 

the liberal socialism we are offered doesn't pull it off for the crowds either. technology is nudging us towards an individual tunnel vision, which offers a false sense of stability, smooches us with cheap lies and expects us to swallow this "new age" hardship.

i elicit another brag(g) called billy. although the video is dated, we know that history endlessly repeats itself and we do need the power of the people to assure a healthy future for every one of us. yes: every·one·of·us. so crank up the volume, and leap at veronica's.


  1. i love that cloud!
    and the flowers at the end, wonderfully unique to me!
    thank you for the song and for leaping for us!

  2. Always unexpected and food for thoughts:) Thanks for sharing these links,leaping back in time! - eric

  3. great pictures (th cloud!!)and a very important post! I hope, go*gle has translated it correctly ;-)!
    thank you for your comments - they make me really happy!
    :-) mano

  4. Just in Austin, TX this is playing out brutally. In the meantime I appreciate the views from your corner of the world.

  5. A great leap forward, dear Nadeschda (you know, why I call you this version, right?),
    thank you for this more political post. A star, flowers (what's the last flower? from now?) and a beautiful house with a door to shut, a home. But the tunnel version scares me... the answer for me could be: all together.
    Love, Arianeschda

  6. love those flowers.
    I didn't crank up the volume, it is too early for that.

  7. did they even read what you posted? Sometimes I really hate it when you pour out your unique thoughts and people just give you a nice thumbs up for your cute pictures! Argh. I agree with you and watch with growing concern how all the good and social ideas of the sixties are going down the drain due to mean and egoncentric people who ruing everything nature, honor of man cause the can't get enough supported by the goverment who is no longer voice of the people - democarcy, self-determination? Zero. Its sad and not that kind of mankind I was hoping for.