dark screen

oh my winter is the darkest of dark. that's not even a bad thing, but i didn't expect it to be so dim and masked, and chilly and dank. i am now wholly living a life with little directed creative aspects.

proper throwback to good old drawing challenges... ;)))
i didn't think it possible, but here it is. going into Brussels, i enjoy my commute, listening to a podcast or reading, drawing in my bullet journal (which i regard as the sacred tool it is), walking into work,

lest your forget, sort of map of belgium :) 
to do the same in the opposite direction at night, train rides in darkness both ways. since i haven't worked full time for close to two decades, always being on the go is new to me and demands adaptation. 

one night in drawing academy, speed drawing
i remember saying last summer that i'd schedule in creative outlets at nights, an hour, two hours, but these hours are invisible. obviously winter isn't the best of times to make happen, but i'm perplexed at

reading, erm, not much. 
how little time between the cracks of working, commuting, cooking, doing chores and generally planning there sits. and we haven't even relaxed yet in this schedule. weekends are too short to be called days even. 

F for february (to come), pages unfinished
but not complaining either. just realising i need to consider my weeks differently, organise home work in a kind way and e.g. simplifying my menus into having hot lunches and just having cold cuts at night. 

Brussels, Grote Zavel
my second floor creative hub patiently awaits my return. i don't even climb up to the second floor anymore, since life happens mainly on the ground and first floor. it has got me acquainted to my place in a new way. 

week to be, at the seaside, for work
coming back to creative aspects... i do doodle. an awful lot even. my bullet journal is an excellent link to creativity, drawing and playing around with colour and mainly pattern. i seem to discover motifs in everything. 

will be working on this one, between the cracks, a doily-to-be
which keeps me excited. i am beginning to envisage how to integrate my past drawings into new digital designs, and making for different compositions, a challenge in itself, for balance is probably not my forte. 

accidental photo, whilest being on black screen, image popping up in my google photos... :(
on that note, i must go shopping on a sunday (!) to find me a new cell phone, since my now 'old' one broke on me last night. the title says it all, we must now first fix that tiny darkness. enjoy the week ahead! ♥

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  1. Now, after having focused on reading your “entire life”, or at least for how long you had blogged, I will enjoy tiptoeing through the current events of your life. Your detailed drawings are amazing. What a mind you have! 🌻🌻Brighter in Texas. You should come! Laura