all those shakespear-ohs

last summer our song for the season was 'golden brown'. I can’t seriously remember why ever that was, it sounded so good while we were scanning the mountains and walking the dales. This morning for some reason these versatile stranglers pop up again. So maybe the heroes really are sold out? And while we’re at it? Do you ever remember these heroes? no images - gotta dream them up – the cleaned up vinyl version is stunning though.

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  1. the reason Barnaby put the song golden brown on his I pod was because he just baked the most amazing golden warm puff pastries filled with all the things you like, such as goatscheese, sundried tomatoes, ginger and figs. We had the pastries later on in a park in Geneva opposite the musee des beaux arts. I hope you will remember now!!! Wij zijn echer uitgepraat so I won't be able to remind you of all the perfect things we did together... your fairwether friends Maria, Barnaby and Karin bain