from memory, i am drawn towards colonialism. not the philosophy of it, but the atmosphere, the exotism, the promise of different views and cultures. scenery, too. and art. although, art? arts’n’crafts more like.
when i stroll up and down our local thrift shop i do not even spot them right away. i guess my focus is resting elsewhere. but on my way out they trumpet! and then, i can’t let go. when arriving home carrying two elephants in my back pack, my son frowns. ‘it’s for the new house, right?’, he argues softly (which means a blurry spot in time). right.
they are actually doing fine, on top of the dark dressoir, reduced to silence once again, chipped and all.

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  1. oooooooo i love em!!!!!!
    i search and search for elephant's any shapes and sizes but alas they all come from my travels friends & family!!!! sooo new friend... lol if you see one !!!!! lol only joking.... i do love them and they do have the head wandering in past times!!!! x