drawing | {bread} toast!

the myth of bread! how it is, in al its crusty yumminess, the fiend on anyone's diet. by which i don't mean to say i'm on a diet. no-ho! but since granola became my best morning and pre-lunch mate, i knock out at least one bread meal a day, for which i'm not sorry. 'cos when i say i love my bread, i depreciate. i'd kill for crust, once i put my mind to it.

moreover, i find a salad or a bowl of soup well good if served with a crispy piece of golden wheat.
while i'm not afraid to admit i like my bread the whiter the better, i equally coddle dark, dark rye, preferably on its own, richly smothered in salted butter {just once a year though}, or chaperoned by a dollop of homemade tuna salad. or red beet hummus, like shown here.

as a child 
in the seventies i especially loved family dinner parties for the toasty artillery popping up: the cold amuses bouchesi learned toast came in sizes, varieties and degrees of crispiness. only in the nineties technological engineering bettered the sveltness of shop bought canapé toast. when living in england i had beans-on-toast twice a week easily, and all while i've fallen out of that habit, some of those genes reincarnated in my son, 'cos he'll guard his beans like a hawk. he actually omits the toast. 

if you'd rather go for that other piece of toast, meaning nigel slater {no disrespect}, then you'll enjoy the movie that was made in his honour and after his memoirs, just a few years ago. i held my reserve on the movie cast, but passion for food oozed from the screen, so i really had to mention it. anything leading to that golden piece of heaven deserves mentioning.

drawing a piece of toast however is of a different caliber. melba installed itself in a corner of my mind and so it is that i drafted melba on paper, late last night. just as tasty naked as topped, but i'm biased. naturally, we could toast to good health? let's, and find veronica's toast this weekend {not literally,v.!}. ☺


  1. ;^)))
    lovely post!
    and olé! such a fine drawing of your hand
    let's toast to that!

  2. Happy post, it makes me smile! You've put a lot of work into your hand, Looks great.

  3. taking piece on toast ! in words an images, and as hands are not the easiest things to draw, well woolfie you did a great job(i like the crumbs you added)
    never saw 'Toast', thanks for th trailer, x

  4. great post, dear woolifie, I admire your hand holding a toast hand, this is very well done!
    x Stefanie

  5. Excellent drawing and i love the post.

  6. I love the painting of p. s. kroyer - he was danish und lived in one of my favourite towns: skagen!! thank you, dear woolfie for sharing!
    when I think about this dc I had no idea how to paint or draw a toast. and now - there is a great one!! and a wonderful post!
    :-) mano

  7. Made me smile! Lovely set of toasts Nadine; love it! :D I haven't seen the movie but read the Slater book. Oh my! Some interesting teen angst there. But I do love Slater and his cooking shows. Toast right back at you sweetie, thank you so much for taking part. XXX

  8. Wwhat a lovely post about bread & toast....now I must see that film! I do miss being a part of these drawing challenges & always love seeing what people come up with for each subject. A very happy new year to you too TinyWolf!

  9. Beautiful! and now I'm starving... that beet hummus looks to die for- and I am all about grainy bread- the more rocks and gravel the better ;)- but yes every once in awhile how can one go wrong with a really fluffy white bread and good butter- ahhh-
    yeah I think its lunch time for me-
    thanks for the eating inspiration :) hope your weekend was happy!

  10. A wonderful post and drawing again. It makes me hungry. - eric

  11. Bread is such a wonderful comfort food. Thanks for sharing all your drawings!

  12. I like the drawing with the hand and the bread.

  13. Nadine, I watched "Toast" a year or so ago and loved every minute of it! Tonight I'll think of it fondly while I'm making our toast and eggs for dinner. Lovely little melba toast drawing. xo

  14. Thank you for all your thoughts, I am very inspired now - and hungry. Lucia

  15. As entertaining and mouth watering your whole post, very very nice to carve all this different aspects of toast and memories and I like you drawing, although it looks to me like a slice of Knäckebrot. Do you know that?
    Still melting for your crispy cheese toasts!
    love and hugs
    barbara bee

  16. Great post! My favorite way to use bread is for toasted cheese sandwiches. I love your drawing of the hand holding the toast! Quite good!:>)
    And, yes, I now know what Belgian fries are. :>)

  17. such a fun post
    considering your life with toast
    and the tastes and textures
    and wonderful photos
    then there is that great sketch of a hand
    love your two colors there
    a great toast to toast!