drawing | the unexpected

did you google 'expect the unexpected'? i did. ☺ even though i look forward to the unexpected on a daily basis, i wondered about the others, i did. judging from the google wall, oscar wilde would be so proud of our universal diligence on the subject of the unexpected.

anyway. reinventing myself continuously with the cartoon classes in full swing, i've yet uncovered surprising folds and layers within me. some are familiar! pro-cras-ti-na-ti-on, right? each week i try. straight after class on the train home, i draw. getting through the door, i am all intention to draw!  and then i forget. or life happens. 

i find myself in the kitchen stirring a stew with unexpected ingredients, all the time thinking about 'my girl', one of my two protagonists. she's nine and her combatant is an old cat. since october both have taken many forms and sizes. which is quite normal, apparantly. however. i've tried for my girl to come out chubby and wearing glasses, but all i'm getting is paper thin and a cleo hairdo. 

and the cat, he? i intended staying pretty close to our old cat, for reliability's sake. which somehow i have, but she feels far from finished. for now she's chubby, stubborn and all white (bar two spots on her back, in the shape of belgium). in my fantasy, nonna b. (the cat's present name) takes over the story, from the girl. but i just don't know how that's gonna happen.

as the unexpected scoots from behind every possible corner, which i favour, it is also making me restless. 
i simply MUST keep one hand down the cookie jar for comfort, as decisions must be reached and then stuck with. important note : these sketches are exactly that : sketches. i've yet a long road to walk....erm, draw. joke's unexpected weekend. 


  1. I am a humble crafter; but I really understand what you mean: You don't know where are you going; but you are sure you are going to tell yourself the end of the tale. :)

  2. such a fun collection of sketches
    how wonderful that you are learning to cartoon and are dreaming up your story and characters. that would be challenging for me. great post for our theme.

  3. I love seeing artists share their process. Thank you for letting me see a little peek inside your studio.... Yes procrastination is a bug-a-boo isn't it.

  4. Impressive cartoon sketches going on, Nadine! I see that you are expecting the unexpected cliff hanger on #5. Cliff hangers captivate us lowly readers. Exciting. xo

  5. great!
    love the sketches
    and your struggle
    that first one, my oh my, how i like these ;^))
    a chubby cat and a paper thin girl sounds nice to me
    keep going although you don't know how or what
    it's the trying and sketching what i love the most

    fine sunday lieve Nadine!

  6. Aha, je laat meer zien!!! Heerlijk om schetsen te bekijken. Vaak veel interessanter dan een werk dat af is. Je onderste dikke kat heeft karakter. Emoties tekenen zijn best wel lastig hier mee bezig zijn levert soms ook weer een andere, onbedoelde emotie op. Leuk hoor. Ik geniet hier echt van. Dank je wel.

  7. ooh,unexpected! i should have seen this coming, i knew there was something about your 'a river runs through my town', the way of drawing, now i see...
    very easy to imagine your girl and nonna b. walking through your town.
    and they surely will go through crazy adventures.
    i love them already.
    keep one hand in that cookie jar sweetie and keep going, x

  8. these are delightful! I esp. like the various cat facial expressions.Feb. has arrived and with it the usual depression---totally expected. I don't even have to look at the calendar ---the sun is doing its usual Feb hiatus and that's all it takes. Speaking of cookies, I may make some today. i don't have to worry about school tomorrow as the big bad storm has already begun here in southeastern ohio and we're looking at a total of 4 - 6 inches before tomorrow afternoon. So i will bake and then watch the super bowl which is a huge deal here in the US.

  9. what a fine discovery of your cartoons! Your sketches are so lively and lovely, dear Nadeschda. this paper thin 9 year old and that facial expressions of that cat, wow! And as Renilde has said here, one should have seen this coming.. but for me unexpected, makes me happy! and noisy... wanna more of them!

    xo Ariane. (Rose at present in Lionpalace)

  10. Oh my gosh Nadine, that's so one of my cats this weekend. Talk about the unexpected! One stressed out unhappy cat, two gashes in my arms, three vet and assistants trying to hold her down, and 10 more days of medicine. Yes, she made all those faces and even more!

    I'm really looking forward to your story being realised more and more. Your illustration is coming along beautifully. Mmm, now I want a cookie. :D x

  11. ok once more... I am confused... I just wanted to tell you: I like it!
    have a nice week with cookies and cartoons
    x Stefanie

  12. Sometimes, I think that it's not important to know where we are going... Unexpected can be so sweet and funny.

  13. Great dear Nadine ...what a fun on a grey Monday morning with snow to see these wonderful cats.
    Made me smile
    Thanks and greetings

  14. Really really cool! I see enormous improvement although I've never really saw any comic drawings before, but isn't that the proof? I so much like you cat drawings and all these expression you did really a amazing job! Congrats. Looking so forward to your first graphic novel!
    P.S. Bought such a grill thing to make grilled cheese sandwiches this weekend and was thinking about you and us sitting together at your table in the kitchen. Yeay, that was really good - only a few month left until its summer again!

  15. actually I can't wait for more, down your cartoon road. and the cat, almost human in the moods. thank you.

  16. Oh yes, I love the cat. Master / mistress of the unexpected!

  17. looks like they are becoming a nice pair - girl and cat :)

  18. It makes me want to write a story and send it to you to illustrate however you want! Exciting!!! I have always wished for the discipline to learn illustration, living my dream :)

  19. this is what artistry is - when the creation itself takes life, and the creator becomes its tool.

  20. This reminds me that through all the work we do as artists it is the unexpected we are searching for- the thing we didn't plan so much as create that surprises and delights :)
    Wonderful drawings!!