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i am now well over halfway year one of cartoon classes. i'll admit my enthusiasm has been somewhat clouded by my laidback attitude. at the best of times i'm a buyer for deadlines, so i keep on thinking all-the-time-in-the-world, and i spend another three blissful hours in the kitchen. i'm beginning to understand that if i don't get the work done, i'll sweat for it on short notice. and i find the latter no option.

so at regular intervals on the commute, loose papers and notebooks will fill the seat next to me. somehow i still have fun sketching while being shaken by train movements. on that note, i find drawing at home ever so elective at the best of times. i find the remoteness of my studio daunting, and my drawing table unappealing, to the point of uninspiring.

i know all i have to do is focus, and get started. to push myself forward and to get myself accustomed to my cartoon characters, i decided to introduce them to our drawing challenges. may i remind you on the spot i am reluctantly lifting myself out of my comfort zone here. i expect to fall prone to withdrawal symptoms before long. i hope not though.

what surprises me vastly in this process is how i have a desire to shine, all while ignoring this eagerness needs constant exercise. no better way than to challenge myself right into one-off cartoon/illustration efforts. i've given the {pollinator} theme a gentle tug on the ear and introduce y'all to nonna and her own stubborn way {i wonder who she's taking after}. tammie's spring pollinators! more castle here.


  1. you are too funny! there is a charlie brown song about you (speaking of cartoons). i'll have to dig it up and send it you. xoxo

  2. I know what you mean about getting started. It is a challenge for me too.

    I like your take on the challenge. The cats eye brows tell us about his attitude very well.

  3. Never mind that can't stat business! I'm already in love with Nonna, and Nonna is worth starting for, because now you'll have us all hooked, and we'll pester you endlessly for more. (You only have your own very excellent talent and sense of humour to blame) But truly I know how you feel. Sometimes I get up into the studio and just sit there staring at the mess and clutter and can't get any work done at all, and sometimes, no idea how, I start and lose track of time and before you know it, someone is wondering what's happened to supper. Art's like that, isn't it? Big hugs and maybe we should start a pinterest board with artists studios for inspiration. Oh wait, I think I have one going...maybe it needs a revamp. Hugs. X

  4. that's exactly how am about winter. snow? what snow? it's pollen. fun drawing.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  5. thanks for the chuckle
    next time it snows i might consider it pollen and smile
    lovely to see your photos too
    wishing you more cartoony inspiration.
    thanks for joining in!

  6. Too funny - your cartoon is great! Pollen, snow, what's the difference, right?

  7. Ha. Are you talking about me again? I always worked like that, started in school times and ended up...never! ;-) Your kitty cartoon made me smile. And curious for more. So, high five, you did the (drawing) challenge! And me, too, unbelievable!! :-D

  8. Oh yeah this is original loose intelligent fun interesting fabulousness wry bold and brave of you to show. Love it to bits. Yes, I'm instantly hooked so please show us more. Love this. This is so great N, x, N, x

  9. haha that pig in the ground is great!

    i was already waiting to see some more of nonna's musings and adventures and i love that cat attitude,
    the lettering is great(as usual) so is the lay-out, love it.

    and you are right it's all about focussing, about 'stepping in' the work, and 'stepping out' off and on to look at it from a little distance (at least that works for me)

    keep nonna alive ;) x

  10. hahaha, your cartoon makes me smile. Why? One of my best friends is called "Pollen". Can I use your cartoon on my Facebook to make fun of her?
    I know what you mean about deadlines, I'm the same, I'm afraid.

  11. Pig in the ground sort of scares me somehow but I find it so hilarious all the same.

  12. Such a fun and nice drawing! I had to smile when I read what th cat said.. :)
    In fact, here is still a little snow on the ground after the last heavy snowfall.

  13. Hi Nadine,
    you won't be terrible surprised that I can totally relate to what you're talking about your workspace. Just 2 days ago I made a pic of the mess next to my couch because I prefer sometimes this place before the frightening studio space...
    And working only with a tight deadline seems so be normal for creative people. 'But who cares as long as the result works out and it does! You will rock this cartoon class with your kitty cat.
    barbara bee

  14. ;^))
    pollen as snow
    a pig snout in the ground
    and the facial expression of nonna
    thank YOU so much for this
    love it all

    ik ga je van de week mailen over Duitsland/Hamburg! xx

  15. Hey Nadine! You have the most marvellous photos to go along with your tale. I understand how you feel about the studio. Mine though I love it, can be intimidating. Thankfully painting big only allows certain sized rooms and spaces for me to mess about so the only room I can go is the studio.
    Your sweet kitty reminds me of pruning the ivy plants when all the pollen comes falling out all over our heads and clothes. Poor kitty doesn't need that much pollen or snow! xo Carole

  16. so funny - your "pollen" and the picture of the pig nose ♥...
    :-) mano

  17. Your post goes all directions:) and I love it!

  18. you need to make changes to your studio, and make it an inspiring place! (coming from someone who craves her own space)

  19. i LOVE the cat. she speaks to me right from the page! (and i love those walks… how wonderful to have a place like that to explore :)

  20. Dear Nadeschda,
    Nonna has a great expression! Great!
    and, for me it seems, that the process is the goal. To realign onto a theme, to focus the senses (sometimes they work like a filter) is needly for every work, so even in art. Sometimes it only seems, that we are running out of time, but have already worked on a theme in the underground, which we give birth a bit later. Know what I mean? argh, my poor English!
    I admire, how you meet new challenges. See your photos! New line of sight, new direction!
    xo Ariane.