corner view ≈ bloomin' practice

i am in two minds about april 1st. while i can appreciate a good gimmick, i do not consider april fishes to be that humourous. every april 1st however, i see many people thinking differently. in our country called 'send-away-day', i remember dad sending me over to my aunt (living next door back then) on one or other errand. the first few years this happened to me i stood there blinking, trying to make sense of my aunt's chuckle. 'you've been fooled, girl! your dad did it again.'

i thought it well unfair, i didn't see the joke. i considered, still do, sending someone away somewhere an awful waste of energy. but somehow those old time bad jokes did define my today's sense of humour by grasping what to eliminate. humour that dawns upon you as you mull over the words, is what i prefer. a verbally virtuoso will have me in stitches in no time. in that respect the more visual april fools day holds little crunch for me {unless words slip in}. 

all of this mulling draws my attention to rituals in some way, convinced they help shape our lives. partly driven by a jumbly lifestyle, i'm one not to obey consequence nor fate in an effective or even a lasting way. so the challenge i set was to get out the old fish stamps, and to carve me some waves, a tiny pattern i remembered from heart. i had to calculate some, because i wanted the curves to rapport match. i even stamped a test page to rule out mishaps and finetune the design. helping the practice forward, so to speak.

all of this presses me rather to simply also wish you a jolly good april 1st. may april bloom follow you, wherever you go. and if like me, you're one to keep a low profile on the day, let me assure you, i know where you're calling from. ☻ jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, bev's blooming theme. 


  1. Oh, my father did it, too: in den April schicken. "April, April!" he laughed. Dearest Nadeschda, I am not joking when I say, that your pattern here is wonderful! and: Do the fishes wear Burlington?
    Love xo Ariane.

    1. 'thought it was still a bit nippy out, so i put them their burlies on... ;))) n♥

  2. Nadine!
    die print is prachtig!!
    mooie golven in een fijne kleur blauw
    en die vissen met een mooie ruitjes aan ;^))

    ach 1 april... ik heb er niets mee
    maar vandaag ga ik (voorzichtig) starten met hardlopen
    omdat ik sterker en fitter wil worden
    en dat is geen grap! :^))

  3. Fishes like flowers... I think we need bloom like humour and jokes... et tant pis pour les mauvaises blagues répétitives ;)

  4. We used a similar day. Here you will be tricked with a joke. A hole in the pants where none is. A spider on the head, which does not exist ... or similar.

    Sometimes it's funny, sometimes you have to slightly pained smile.

    Have a great Eastern my dear!

  5. Happy April Fool's Day Nadine! You have fooled the foolers with fantastic fish! For my April Fool's Day? Jury duty again! Another one of those things they don't tell you about la-la land. xoxo

  6. What a cute little Fiat! I don't think I'd take it out for a spin myself, but it would sure give me a grin if I saw it pass me on the road!

  7. Love the first photos especially--what a cheerful car! And I love your design. I have 9 more weeks until I am retired! Then let the fun begin!

  8. Argyle fish - fabulous!! That would make a lovely seat cover fabric for the polka dot Fiat that I MUST have!

  9. clever and beautiful - the only april fishes i ever liked!

  10. i'm not fooling you if i say that i love your pattern with the fishes!!

  11. Love your fish pattern - they are so cute in their knitted jumpers but do they not drag them down when they get waterlogged?!
    Sorry, but I did laugh about the joke your dad played on you!

  12. Priceless! You and Ariane had me laughing while I sit reading. I was thinking about the pattern on the fish as well. This is such a strong graphic. And the content of the post itself...wonderful dear! N, x

  13. you certainly are doing what makes you happy!!
    I don't do much for fools day either but I love to watch others being pranked.

    And your fishes are so clever and cute!!
    hugs to you ...

  14. The fish are my favorite , best to be prepared for whatever weather is above the surface.

  15. I love your fool of fish! Okay so I feel bad chuckling over your dads ending you away. But your description of blinking surprise or ponder has me tickled.

  16. Dad's can be funny funny or just plain "Daaaaaaaad" silly or unwittingly unkind with their jokes. I remember being tricked by my dad because I was gullible and in love with him. Your little fish are adorable, Nadine. I'd like to catch one and mount it on my mantle. xo Carole

  17. I've never really seen the humor of April fools day. For me it is just a day like any other day is.